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Bromeliad pups??
Can someone point out to me what bromeliad bloom pups look like? I'm a new bomeliad parent, not sure what to look for to see if my plant is on track to bloom again. Thanks! #bromeliad
0ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
It will happen after flowering, from the side of the plant a baby will grow. You will definitely know it when you see it. I would wait until the mother plant dies (or close to) before removing it, this will ensure the pup will be as large and strong as possible! This is a pup I’ve been growing since last year (from my outdoor broms) I love watching it grow! Beautiful bloom btw!
Like @HoyaAddict said, they’ll come out the side!! You’ll definitely know
Thanks so much for the advice all! I will definitely wait until the very last second to remove that gorgeous bloom. Hoping it'll return soon!
They’ll look like this! Both of my broms are growing two babies each right now. The first photo is the smaller pups, and the second and third photos are of my larger pups.
Thank you! Those definitely are obvious lol, I'll keep a look out!

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