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Orchid question: Should I repot?
Hi! I have been given the responsibility of caring for a family orchid that’s a year old. Still in the pot it came in and the roots are surprisingly doing well enough that they have cracked the plastic pot open. I am inexperienced with orchids so wanted to hear any ideas on if I need to repot. If so, do I just stick to the orchid bark?
2ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Best Answer
Yes @Marthamaywho92
Definitely re-pot your orchid in an orchid pot with orchid bark and a little sphagnum moss. I've had the best experience with orchid pots from rePotme and they're not expensive. You'll probably need at least a 3-5 " orchid pot
Happy growing Kate @katiebud 🥰🌱🌿💛
Yea they also have orchid pots I have seen. But I would stick with using the orchid bark. Atleast that’s what I done. Good luck ☺️
@Sassylimey your time to shine! You love orchids right?

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