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Terra cotta mistakes were made
My #Anthurium has been growing well so I figured I’d check the roots to see if it needed a bigger pot… well… apparently planting this in terra cotta was a terrible move.

The roots had attached themselves to the sides of the pot, top to bottom, like glue. It was like pulling pieces of tape apart for every root. I did some damage, and I hope I didn’t kill it.

When I finally got it extracted from the pot I took a look through the roots and found some root rot in the center. 😞

Went ahead and potted it in this bigger glazed pot, but I’m going to have to address the root rot tomorrow. Take it back out.. chop away.. wish me luck. Advice is welcome. I hope this guy is resilient!!
0ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Best Answer
Oh wow, I didn't know those roots were so persistent! I guess terracotta was too porous for it. Best of luck! She still looks beautiful with those emerald green leaves! I'm sure she'll make a recovery!
Aw good luck! But it’s a truly beautiful plant. 💕
@tango @UnbiasedTree thanks!! Plenty of healthy roots after the trim so hopefully a little hydrogen peroxide and fresh soil did the trick. 🤞
@ivysaur looks healthy to me!! Great job! 😁

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