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What kind of plant is this?
Greg says this is Italian Strawflower, but I thought maybe it is Spanish Moss. Though it feels and looks sturdier than moss. Is it maybe another kind of airplant? #ItalianStrawflower #SpanishMoss #AirPlant #SucculentSquad
4” pot
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I agree with @Gordo - there's actually a Spanish moss that is much thicker than the regular thin stuff. If I can find info on it after I get these people out of the house, I'll try to find your post again. It's supposed to be easier to care for because it's sturdier and more hardy.
@Jeroen looks to me to be Spanish moss.
I agree @Gordo it looks like Spanish moss
@Jeroen it’s Spanish Moss.

Give indoor Spanish moss bright light and moisture. It's possible to grow Spanish moss indoors, as long as you mist it on a daily basis and put it under full-spectrum lighting or in a bright window.

Spanish moss care: Watering

So how do you water a plant that doesn’t grow in soil? Watering is the one complicated thing about Spanish moss care.

Well, you imitate a rain storm! The easiest way to keep your Spanish moss well-hydrated is to give it a quick soak when it’s gone completely dry. How often this will be depends on the humidity level in your home and the amount of sun it gets, but it’ll probably be once or twice a week.
Found aomething-

From what I see, it's just called "thick form" like Adansonii narrow form or wide form.

I hope that gets you on the right track.
@sarahsalith thanks, that really looks like it. I am also going to contact the owner of that plant to see where it came from. Thanks for your help
@Jeroen I came across someone in a video who mentioned it- I didn't think anything of it because I didn't have it, but I think he called it something else besides "thick form".

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