Posted 2w ago by @NimbleMistystar

I cant find my plant on the greg app
I'm fairly certain its Plectranthus Tomentosa or Vick's plant, but I cant find it anywhere when I search on the name 🤔 its definitely not a mexican mint...
4” pot
Last watered 4 days ago
@NimbleMistystar Greg is continually adding new plants 🌱 in. I ran into that same issue a while back. It was on an Orchid.
It is most definitely a Vick’s Plant!

If you can’t find a plant on the Greg App, make sure to submit a request to add the plant to their data base!

A way you can do it is when editing your plant details, you can type the name of it and it should ask you if you can’t find your plant, to add it to Greg and it’ll take you through a process :)

I know they’re always adding more and more varieties of plants to the app :)
@NimbleMistystar their email address is

It is a Vicks Plant 🌱 💯
You're right! It isn't in there, but you can add it to the database. (:

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