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Bets on saving this
In a last hail Mary attempt at rescuing this overwatered cactus of unknown species (actually, can anyone recognize it? It used to be just one squat, spherical little boy), I have cut off the dead flesh and am attempting to let it callous over and replant. Never done this with a cactus before. Bets on if it will survive? Or has too much of it been consumed by rot? #cactus #rescueplants
1ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
As long as there is still healthy tissue I would think he will survive? Whenever I plant stem cuttings of other succulents they survive, and I have seen people prop cacti like that before.
I'm callin in the big guns: @SirLiquorice @vvvelo - can y'all help out Melissa?
Haha thanks, I'm still clearly such a plant noob, I'm always asking questions!
Yeah it’s there’s enough healthy part of the cactus you can put cinnamon on the part you cut to avoid fungus or rot. You can also try root powder or clonex gel to help grow roots. Wait for it to callous and start growing roots before you water or it can rot again. Sometimes planting in all perlite can help since it won’t retain too much water. Or a soilless cactus mix like rabbit hill farms makes has worked for me also. I have had great results that way. Cut it. Put the clonex and pot in rabbit hill farms and wait up to 15 days to water. Then once roots form water once a week and maybe mist occasionally in between but be careful not to over water. But this soil i use dries fast
Do you have pics?
@SirLiquorice this is what it used to look like! Where i had it on my shelf it looked super green and healthy, until I took it down to water again after like months, and I found all the rot hiding from me in the back! Maybe it was just in not enough light? I almost never watered it. Unfortunately out of all that fancy stuff you mentioned, the only thing I have is cinnamon. I'm a broke grad student on a real tight budget, but I do have succulent-specific soil and small orchid bark. Would either of those still work?
Yeah that will work
@UnbiasedTree cinnamon is fine. You don’t need anything special. But yeah it may have been lack or light and lack of air circulation and they usually like to be out in the heat. They will flower better in directly sun and heat usually. That pic you can already see the rot in the back forming. That may be difficult to save it but don’t give up. It’s worth trying. But don’t spend a bunch of money or anything trying to save it because sometimes you can’t anyway no matter what you try if the rot is too bad already
@UnbiasedTree use the succulent soil you have. Wait a couple days so it can heal and dry and then plant it in the soil. And use the cinnamon on the wounds
Thanks so much for the advice! I'll use the cinnamon and succulent soil. That pic is the last one I had, just from yesterday after it had spread, well after I first became aware of the rot. I thought it was hopeless and just moved it somewhere to die until I had the inspiration to try and actually save it, I feel so bad!
Sorry, @vvvelo πŸ˜‚ I constantly think you have lots of cacti- but you have the SUCCULENTS!
@sarahsalith yeah sorry I am not into cactuses ;)

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