Posted 1Y ago by @strawberrymoon

pink speckles on yellow lewisia
there’s pink speckles on elise and im worried, read online that roses get fungal disease that can give them pink spots should i be worried? some cliff maids are pink so i don’t know if this is just some variation of the flower pattern, though the older flowers don’t have them
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 11 months ago
Seems like it’s it quite something to be worried about yet, but I’d continue to monitor for new spots/spread. Seems unlikely to be fungal if she is indoors, but it’s not impossible. Has it been particularly humid lately? Otherwise it looks beautiful!!
Meant to say not* quite😅
@shaheen thank you! and no it hasn’t been humid at all, it’s becoming winter here actually so the air’s getting drier. there’s no spread, the speckles are only there on two branches of the plant and seem to be present in most of the newer blooms ^^

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