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Another new plant! My dad is making room for new plants, so gave me this one. #NewPlant #HappyPlants #WaxPlant
8” pot
Last watered 3 days ago
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Kind of hard to tell the difference between the two in the picture, but the front is my Princess, and the one hanging in the back is an Australis Lisa. The Carnosa has the thicker leaves that can curl, while the Australis Lisa has thinner , more flat leaves.
Hoya.. Maybe an australis.. It's a gorgeous Hoya πŸ₯°
@Sassylimey Hello! Thanks to your comment, I did a little research into Hoyas. :) I didn’t know much about this plant before hand, and Greg told me it and another one I already had were Waxplants. Come to find out that Waxplants are a type of Hoya 🀯 Anyways, after looking into it, I think this might be a Hoya Carnosa Tricolor. You don’t see it on this particular plant, but on the one my dad kept, it has one single leaf that’s starting to turn pink. I wonder if mine will eventually do that. πŸ€”
I have an australis and the leaves look like your beauty. It's good to hear that your did your research, I'm always researching my plants and other things, so much to learn!! πŸ‘€πŸ§πŸ‘
Definitely a Carnosa Tricolor, or "Princess"
One of my favorite of my collection ❀️
Gorgeous! I hope mine look like that one day! I started collecting Hoyas about a year ago so mine are still mostly babies
@DefiantDndylion my personal one is too! I’m not 100% how long he had this one before giving it to me :)
Way fun

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