Posted 1w ago by @djungelskog

whats wrong with uzi
it has one yellow leaf, do i just cut it off?
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Hey Baiba!

Welcome to Greg! Is this the only leaf that is yellowing?
@RJG yes
I think there's probably nothing to worry about then! This is a fairly old leaf and sometimes they just get old and the plant retires them to allow it to create new leaves.

As long as the main growth points are green and happy, I wouldn't worry too much about this one leaf!
@RJG okay thank youu, do i just leave it there?
@djungelskog it's up to you. I normally leave them on if they have green on them cause that can produce food.

This leaf is pretty yellow so you can cut it or just let it fall off when it's ready.
@RJG thank youu
@djungelskog of course! Happy to help. Hope to see you around the community!

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