Sorry for the delay! Day 4 of One year with my plants. Today I picked an unusual succulent. Curio Articulatus #BeforeAndAfter #NewGrowth #HappyPlants #HoyaAddictHome When I received this cutting (and numerous others on 10th dec 2021) I was really not prepared for so many different plants. I hardly had any soil let alone pots 😂 So this poor thing got pushed into this 👀NO DRAINAGE 👀 plastic pot with a tonne of other plants. (Pic 1) Luckily it was succulent soil but not much else, this was very compacted but surprisingly everything managed to root! 😃 I have circled exactly what it looked like in (pic 2.)Basically it was a green tube…I had no idea what it was, it’s requirements, needs or anything else. All I could tell was it was a succulent, by February (pic 3) it was growing two arms. Then some spectacular leaves! Completely unexpected for me and I still had no idea what it was. After a long search I discovered it was the candle plant (curio articularis) I gave it a terracotta pot and some fresh soil then moved it from a south facing window to a north facing (I’m in Australia so switch it if your in the northern hemisphere) I figured it would appreciate more sun and fast drying soil. After watching the curious curio, I discovered it drops many or most leaves in the summer! Presumably to save water, smart cookie. But they will grow back for the other half of the year which is a cool thing to look forward to in winter! I used to love stroking my plant, but then discovered it creates farina (a white powdered layer that protects the plant from the sun) 😅 if you touch it, it will never return boo 😒 so now I don’t get to stroke it but that’s okay I still love this little guy. You can see the darker colour of his main stalk…this was my touching haha. Recently he has sprouted two new growth points from beneath the soil! I can’t wait to watch him grow over the next few seasons. Pic 4 is him today, one year on and I’m very proud of how far he has come! My best advice is use terracotta, a small pot as they have shallow roots. Lots of light as they’re drought tolerant they’re obviously used to lots of sunlight. I water the same amount all year around, when 100% dry soil. In a 9cm pot this is usually 60ml a week. I’m looking forward to him growing so big I need to take cuttings for the garden 😁 I have a feeling they will grow very well outdoors! (I’m zone 9b/10a) Please feel free to tell any tales of this plant (or any other!) There is also a variegated version of you fancy getting one 💚