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For those who have seen my previous posts about my #Echeveria’black licorice’, a while ago… she unfortunately is still dying a slow death. She’s kind of been on hospice for a while and has put out a terminal flower. 🌸 As a recap: when I bought the plant, I noticed immediately she was sick and it wasn’t curing. She was slowly dying and I eventually decided to chop her head off to see if it would help since the top was healthy, and no it wasn’t a watering or light issue, I’m thinking it’s an incurable wilt disease. Something that traveled through the roots, up the stem and spreads to the leaves. I think the reason the head has stayed more healthy for a while is because I chopped it off before the wilt spread full up the stem, but there is still disease imbedded within the plant. It’s just drastically slowed. I named her “Anne Boleyn” because I’m morbid like that… 😬😬 The flower is a little strange looking because it’s really only the reproductive parts. There’s no petals so it’s kind of like an actual panic terminal flower… I had to confirm it was a flower by gently squeezing one of the egg sacks and putting the seeds #underthelens 🔬 to see it did contain plant seeds (pictured below). The leaves she has lost also are producing pups even though the mother leaf is turning bad, so I’m curious to see if it hurts them generally 🤔… It’s sad but also fascinating to watch this death process! #SucculentLove #PlantLove #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PropagationStation