Will it thrive once more? Hi all, I’m new here! I’m a beginner with plants and I always struggle with taking care of them. I bought this Forsythia plant from a nursery in April and it was doing so well. Then a couple of weeks ago the leaves started having little yellow spots and the leaves were sad. I am thinking it was because of where I had it on the porch and we had a lot of rainy days and the water from the roof of my apartment was splattering my plant and made it sick. I also was late in recognizing the spider mites thinking it was just regular spiders making a new home…oops… I ended up just cutting all the sad branches/leaves off and now left with this sad thing. :( I scratched one part of it and it is still green underneath so I have hope for it still. Besides just watering and fertilizing it like normal and keeping it away from the bad side of my porch, is there anything else I should do to help it thrive once more? This plant is super important to me because it is supposed to be in memory of my mom who passed away a couple of days before bringing this home (this was her favorite flower). Thank you! ♥️ (Here is the before and after/now 😭) #Forsythia