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Corvidfan avatar @Corvidfan · 2M
Corm's First Leaf #myfirstgregquestion update 🌿 My first dragon scale corm is producing her first leaf! And I'm over the moon! 30 days ago I posed my first question ever, on Greg. My question was about #corms and now, thanks to good ideas and encouragement (big hug to you Melissa @babyfiretiger13 🌸) this morning I received a welcome shot of confidence...the beginnings of the leaf I had been seeing is starting to unfurl. And it's precious and beautiful and just what my heart needed. The link below is to my corm question and has photos of two corms and the mama plant. Sadly, the larger corm on the left hand side of photo 2 wasn't viable. https:// Life's been a bit of a $h!t sandwich so I'll gratefully take this dragon scale baby as a win 💃🎉 *Side Note* i bought my first pothos since posting that question, specifically to make #pothoswater some of which I sprinkled around the corm while she was incubating @kscape 🤗 and at some point moved her to a tiny bed of moss @rjg @annapop 🍃and upgraded my humidity dome from plastic wrap to an upside down jar @hoyaaddict. All ideas borrowed - and surely butchered, but still workable - from the beautiful people of Greg, just a few named 😘. I was looking for watering info and found a community 💗🌹 #alocasia #dragonscale #catchmeifyoucorm #propagationstation #planttherapy #newgrowth Greg people and #plantsmakepeoplehappy #alocasiaaddicts #dragonscalealocasia

Plantmompy avatar @Plantmompy · 2M
Happy #freshleaffriday to those that "Friday" is a thing 😂 the times I've had jobs where "finally friday" meant something were great, but none of them were my favorite. 🤷🏽 I have SO many photos to share today! I tried to narrow it down but I just can't so they are continued in the comments. NEW PLANTS: 🌱 Hopefully I'm alright at this #corm thing because @lemrobs sent me four more! 🌱 I couldn't pass up @angelw1975 offer so I am about to build my own #lithopsarmy! PROPS: 🌱 My two pots of #snakeplant props both put out pups, or as I like to called them, snakelets! 🌱 My #watermelonpeperomia props are finally popping out of the soil! 🌱 The #monstera that I chopped and propped is putting out not one, but two new leaves! 🌱 #dwarfumbrellatree top is putting out it's first new growth since I put it in soil! 🌱 The #swisscheesevine I chopped and propped is also putting out it's first leaves! FLOWERS: 🌱 Both of my #kenyanviolet rescues are blooming for the first time since I saved them! PLANTS: 🌱 I cut my largest #rubberplant to try and convince her to branch better. Well, I have these three huge ones and five more that are teasing me! 🌱 My #ficusgem has been putting out the most perfect leaves lately, four and counting! 🌱 The #hoyarosita I got from #plantproper is throwing out the cutest new leaves! 🥺 🌱 My #krimsonqueen from PP is also throwing out it's first pink leaves! 🌱 Last but not least, 2/3 of my #strawberrybegonia are throwing out babes! Phew! I think that is everyone! #alocasia #alocasiamaharani #alocasiaaddicts #lithops #sanserveria #peperomia #monsteradeliciosa #monsteramob #monsteraadonsonii #chopandprop #propdontshop #ficus #ficusgang #ficusfam #hoya #hoyahangout #hoyaheads #begonia #begoniabunch #happyplants 🌱 #NewEnglandGregGang 🌱 #MaineGang 🌱 #ThePlantMompy