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Ever since I tried my hand in growing my herbs in water I wanted to go a step further. For the past few days I鈥檝e been researching types of plants that can grow full time in water. #Monsteras & #Pothos are the top two in my house so I decided to work in that area. Yesterday I took my Swiss Cheese Vine (who honestly has been in a struggle for awhile and I believe it鈥檚 because of a gnat infestation) & my biggest Pothos (Baltic Blue Pothos) out of their pots, washed them off thoroughly & also gave the vase and bowl a good wash, then placed them in fresh water with a shot of liquid tropical fertilizer. OH! And also made sure all the water was Luke warm and not freezing cold 馃ザ I鈥檝e been wanting to propagate off my #SnakePlant so it鈥檚 now in a jar sitting on a living room end table. I鈥檓 honestly a little nervous about this process, but with prayer and the research I鈥檓 finding the courage to try this method and step out of my comfort zone. During all of this, today I wanted to sit down and type this post out of a list of plants that I鈥檝e read about in case anyone else might be interested in going on this journey 鈽猴笍 1. Monsteras 2. Pothos 3. Lucky Bamboo 4. Prayer Plants (Okay so here鈥檚 the deal about this. I鈥檝e read mixed messages about these plants living in water and to tell you the truth I鈥檓 not fixing to try it with mine. In my opinion, this is not something to just jump into because #Calatheas are VERY picky plants. I鈥檝e read they can be propagated in water, but from that point on they need to be in soil. Please don鈥檛 make a hasty decision if you see a blog concerning this subject. Take your time and do your research 馃) 5. Philodendron (The Heart Leaf is one of the best) 6. Chinese Evergreen 7. Dumbcane 8. Coleus 9. Dracaena 10. Croton (Mostly used for rooting) 11. Impatiens (Can grow in water for a long period of time, but is best to move to soil once suitable rooting has taken place) 12. Begonias (Cuttings can stay in water for nearly 2 months) 13. Ornamental Sweet Potato 14. Caladium 15. Alocasia 16. Ti Plant 17. Moth Orchid 18. Aluminum Plant 19. Chinese Money Plant 20. African Violet 21. Baby Tears 22. Lotus 23. Fiddle Leaf Fig (I have cuttings that are rooting in water, but it鈥檚 99.9% possible they will be returning to a soil base pot. I鈥檓 a little conflicted with the thought of permanent water growth with this one and haven鈥檛 seen much about it) 24. Mint 25. Oregano 26. Sage 27. Basil 28. Rosemary 29. Thyme 30. Syngonium 31. Swedish Ivy 32. English Ivy 33. Hosta 34. Moses In The Cradle 35. Wandering Jew 36. Purple Heart Plant 37. Spider Plant 38. Tradescantia 39. Poka Dot Plant 40. Alocasia 41. Anthurium 42. Cordyline 43. Peace Lily 44. Peperomia 45. Geraniums For more information go to猬囷笍猬囷笍猬囷笍 There are a bunch of Pinterest posts if you just type in 鈥減lants living in water鈥 #WaterGrowth #WaterPropagation #FiddleLeafFig #EnglishIvy #LuckyBamboo #Peperomia #PeaceLily #Alocasia #SpiderPlant #Vases #GrowingInWater #PlantsLivingInWater #HappyPlants #SwissCheeseVine #BalticBluePothos #SnakePlant #PlantInformation #Herbs