#whatthesucc My Aloe's not wearing pants! 😳 ↪️ Should I repot to cover him up? 🤔 Should I repot my aloe to put him a deeper into the soil since he's a bit exposed? 🤷🏽‍♀️ BACKSTORY & INFO... About 2 months ago I had to remove a bunch of outer leaves from my Aloe Crosby Prolific's due to an infection & the big thirps outbreak of 2022! 😖 🤬 I haven't had a lot of success with aloes in the past, which is weird cuz all other succulents like me a lot a lot. I'm wondering if maybe that pink part of the bottom should not be exposed and if I should repot to arrange the soil higher up to protect it? I know Aloe's go dormant in the winter but the days are starting to get longer and I worry that with more sun it might damage his delicate bottom. 🍑 😜 #help #greggang #gregteam #succulentsquad #succulentlove #plantaddict #cactusclique #aloe #outdoorgrowing #whatthesuccwednesday #succulentsquad