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Happy #whatthesuccwednesday #greggang, it’s time for #GregGivesBack monthly #Giveaway ! For many #greggers growing season is about to start so this month we want to know all about your favorite new growth! What plant takes your breath away with every new leaf, frond, or flower? What plant do you check 380 times per day because it is closer every time? What plant brings you so. much. joy. EVERY TIME? We want to see and we want to know why! So tell us below! For me, I couldn't decide (shocking). But as you know my #maranta gives me a different leaf every time, so it's definitely up there. Between different patterns and new fenestrations my #thaiconstellationmonstera is definitely one I watch obsessively. Lastly, my #ficusumbellata is one I can't leave alone. The leaves get so big and pillowy so fast it's like I blink and they go from baby to bigger than my hand! Don’t forget to get others involved by tagging them because we all know that #PlantsMakePeopleHappy and #PlantFriendsAreTheBestFriends! Remember, each official entry must include a photo of your plant who’s new growth is your favorite and why. WHEN TO ENTER: The #giveaway is open NOW: Wednesday, March 13 through Friday, March 15 at 7pm EST. Winner will be drawn at random by the magic wheel and the #GregGivesBackWinners will be announced on Friday, March 15th. Be sure to follow our #GregGivesBack tag to stay posted! WHO CAN ENTER: any #PlantAddict and EVERYONE, including our international friends and #TimeTravelers! Greggers outside the 48 States may not receive a physical box, but will definitely receive goodies nonetheless. If you are a previous #GregGiveawayWinners we want you to comment below, but you are not eligible to win the #Giveaway THIS TIME! HOW TO ENTER: Post a photo in the comments below of the plant in your jungle who’s new growth you look forward to the most AND tell us why. THE FINE PRINT: All winners have 7 days from the day they are announced as a winner to claim their prize by getting us all the required information. A new winner(s) will be drawn on day 8. All participants may comment as many times as they would like but only one entry per participant (who has not previously won) will be entered into the wheel. DON’T FORGET: This giveaway has been put together by the #GregGivesBackSquad and donations from YOU!! Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in spreading joy and smiles and plants! Feel free to reach out to the Giveaway Squad anytime by shooting us an email at to find out how you can participate in the NEXT giveaway! If you want to help us out, we are in need of shipping and physical donations; each prize box is valued around $35 and shipping each box is around $10 to $15 each. #BestFronds #BestAppEver #PlantFriendsAreTheBestFriends #GregGiveaway #HappyPlants #GregGiveAwayDay #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #PropagationStation #monstera #ficus #succulentlove #monsteramob #philodendron #ficusfam #hoya #hoyahangout #philoflock #succulentsquad #planttherapy #GreggersSupportingGreggers

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Happy #freshleaffriday to those that "Friday" is a thing πŸ˜‚ the times I've had jobs where "finally friday" meant something were great, but none of them were my favorite. 🀷🏽 I have SO many photos to share today! I tried to narrow it down but I just can't so they are continued in the comments. NEW PLANTS: 🌱 Hopefully I'm alright at this #corm thing because @lemrobs sent me four more! 🌱 I couldn't pass up @angelw1975 offer so I am about to build my own #lithopsarmy! PROPS: 🌱 My two pots of #snakeplant props both put out pups, or as I like to called them, snakelets! 🌱 My #watermelonpeperomia props are finally popping out of the soil! 🌱 The #monstera that I chopped and propped is putting out not one, but two new leaves! 🌱 #dwarfumbrellatree top is putting out it's first new growth since I put it in soil! 🌱 The #swisscheesevine I chopped and propped is also putting out it's first leaves! FLOWERS: 🌱 Both of my #kenyanviolet rescues are blooming for the first time since I saved them! PLANTS: 🌱 I cut my largest #rubberplant to try and convince her to branch better. Well, I have these three huge ones and five more that are teasing me! 🌱 My #ficusgem has been putting out the most perfect leaves lately, four and counting! 🌱 The #hoyarosita I got from #plantproper is throwing out the cutest new leaves! πŸ₯Ί 🌱 My #krimsonqueen from PP is also throwing out it's first pink leaves! 🌱 Last but not least, 2/3 of my #strawberrybegonia are throwing out babes! Phew! I think that is everyone! #alocasia #alocasiamaharani #alocasiaaddicts #lithops #sanserveria #peperomia #monsteradeliciosa #monsteramob #monsteraadonsonii #chopandprop #propdontshop #ficus #ficusgang #ficusfam #hoya #hoyahangout #hoyaheads #begonia #begoniabunch #happyplants 🌱 #NewEnglandGregGang 🌱 #MaineGang 🌱 #ThePlantMompy