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馃В鉂勶笍馃挙 LET'S TALK OVERWINTERING OUR PLANTS (1/3) 馃挙鉂勶笍馃В I have seen a lot of people talk about being worried about plants over the winter and decided I want to show you all what I am trying this year. I have three "sets" I will be #overwintering (not including outdoor gardens) so I will make a separate post for each one as I do them. First up: #bostonfern I have had my Boston Fern for a few years now. Long story short I have battled the thriving/barely surviving indoor battle. Last summer I put the one that didn't succumb to pests from the nursery outside for the summer and it thrived! I brought it in for the winter and once again I was vacuuming underneath it constantly. This summer I put it out and have been dreading bringing it in since. I decided that instead of treating it like a house plant, I would accept that it likes to go dormant and I do not live in an environment where telling it otherwise benefited anyone. I have been keeping an eye on the weather and decided it was time. I also decided it's time to divide the plant as just having one drives me crazy. 1. I cut all the fronds back to about 3". Some people don't, but I figure it's less clean up as they die so better for me, and less chance for the plant to get sick so better for it! 2. I divided it up. The plan was 4 even sections, but plants are plants so mine were not so even. 3. I put each plant in its own pot. Usually you want to give your plant a drink a few days before, but the soil was pretty wet here so I just left it alone. You could leave them outside to acclimate a bit but we have rain for the next 5 days so I decided it was not the best place for them. 4. Move the plants inside. Somewhere with a little light where it will be 50鈦-60鈦 for the season. I chose my basement, you can see there is some sun coming in the window, but not much. 5. Check them every month or so to be sure they aren't bone dry. I will check mine a little more frequently at first since the soil is wet. 6. Let them rest until spring! #bostonfern #fernfriends #fern #overwintering #overwinteringseries #repotseason #happyplants #sleepyplants 馃尡 #NewEnglandGregGang 馃尡 #MaineGang 馃尡 #ThePlantMompy