Can I prevent a plant from producing seeds? While I was in Maine I noticed this plant/weed my relatives had growing in their front yard. It was killing their plants but I thought they were pretty so I took some. I knew it was a vetch of some sort and I was right. And when I was reading a little about them when I was watching them up so I could add them to my oasis I noticed that it said that they were โ€œaggressively invasiveโ€ and then it said that they spread the through there seeds. Now I go by a rule when propagating, โ€œWhen in doubt, Quarantine/Separate Out.โ€ Which is my rule that if you have a plant youโ€™re unsure about the species, you plant it in a pot and donโ€™t put it near other plants or the ground. Iโ€™ve donโ€™t this in the past but Iโ€™ve usually done it with plants that donโ€™t seed. And before I had read this I wanted to put it on my front porch to wrap aroun the pillars. But even if I put it somewhere where the seeds wonโ€™t be able to reach the ground I have a LOT of birds and I know that they will probably eat the seeds. They arenโ€™t going to seed right now because they donโ€™t have any flowers so I want to get ahead of it. Worse case scenario Iโ€™ll just bring them in during seeding time but it would be amazing and so convenient if I didnโ€™t have to worry about it. Thanks! #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PropagationStation #PestControl #OutdoorGrowing #vetch #MaineGang