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Can I prevent a plant from producing seeds?

While I was in Maine I noticed this plant/weed my relatives had growing in their front yard. It was killing their plants but I thought they were pretty so I took some. I knew it was a vetch of some sort and I was right. And when I was reading a little about them when I was watching them up so I could add them to my oasis I noticed that it said that they were “aggressively invasive” and then it said that they spread the through there seeds. Now I go by a rule when propagating, “When in doubt, Quarantine/Separate Out.” Which is my rule that if you have a plant you’re unsure about the species, you plant it in a pot and don’t put it near other plants or the ground. I’ve don’t this in the past but I’ve usually done it with plants that don’t seed. And before I had read this I wanted to put it on my front porch to wrap aroun the pillars. But even if I put it somewhere where the seeds won’t be able to reach the ground I have a LOT of birds and I know that they will probably eat the seeds. They aren’t going to seed right now because they don’t have any flowers so I want to get ahead of it. Worse case scenario I’ll just bring them in during seeding time but it would be amazing and so convenient if I didn’t have to worry about it. Thanks! #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PropagationStation #PestControl #OutdoorGrowing #vetch #MaineGang
8” pot with drainage
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You could cut off the flowers before they bloom but that would likely defeat the purpose of the plant I assume.
@RJG Ya that’s why I wanted to see what I could do so I COULD keep the flowers 😅 worse case scenario I can but it’s not preferred
@PlantyPlanter I think that would be the only way to guarentee no seeds. But maybe someone is smarter than me 👀😂
@RJG the plant isn’t that thick so do you think it would damage the wood? Or cause the wood to rot or have bugs?
Like from attaching to the pillars?
@RJG yes
There is no surefire way to prevent a plant from going to seed. I’m not familiar with the plant you have so it’s also possible that it can spread vegetatively if herbivores munch on the leaves.

It is *so* important when gardening to make sure only to use native plants or plants that are safe to use in cultivation. Lots of environments have been degraded by invasive species that were introduced with only a handful of individuals.

I would strongly suggest destroying the plant you brought home, or only growing it 100% indoors since invasive species are no joke.
@Kiersten EKKK NOW I FEEL BAD! 😭 that’s why I only plant plants I’ve taken in pots but I will move him indoors ASAP! Also HOW would a plant reproduce by leaves 😨?
@PlantyPlanter Nothing to feel bad about! It’s great that you asked for advice. In general, try to avoid moving plants around between environments.

They could potentially reproduce similar to how pothos or peperomias are propagated. There’s an invasive species of grass here in New Orleans that can establish an invasive population with a piece of stem smaller than a dime 🤯
@Kiersten 😱 THATS CRAZY! Thank you SO much for informing me! OMG I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING! I planted ANOTHER kind of vetch awhile ago 😱 I brought it from the beach and it didn’t say that much about being invasive and it wasn’t wrapping around any of the other plant around it and the plants around it seemed healthy and fine but now I’m worried 😭 it had a REALLY weird root system it was like literal sticks that’s connected the plants. I know the seeds spread by the water but I’ll keep an eye on the area
I would remove that one too if you can. Invasive species take hold when they can reproduce well in an area with few predators/diseases.

You won’t notice it becoming invasive until it takes over the whole yard/neighborhood. The root system you describe sounds like it has rhizomes, which are a prime candidate for invasion since they can survive even when the above-ground plant is cut back.

Good memory, I’m glad we can get this one taken care of too to protect your native ecosystems!!
@Kiersten it didn’t look like a Solomon seal rhizome. Can rhizomes look different?
@PlantyPlanter Yep! They can look different in all sorts of plants. Some look like potatoes and some look more like sticks or ginger/turmeric.
I have to agree that getting rid of both plants ASAP is the most responsible choice. There is no way to be certain they haven’t begun to spread without you taking notice. As long as they are living they are potentially a danger. I’m sorry…