So my African Iris sprouts started getting very pale and droopy, was starting to get worried😅 I had been watering it relatively regularly (ignore the last watered on the plant's profile lol), it's in direct sunlight almost the whole day, right at my bedroom window and the pot has good drainage. When I noticed how pale and droopy the leaves were, I thought perhaps it was thirsty, so I gave it a nice deal of water. That evening the sprouts looked much livelier, the leaves weren't droopy anymore and were much greener, yay! The next day the leaves weren't getting much greener like they were before, even with some more water. I knew it couldn't be a light problem, so I added some homemade compost to the soil, thought perhaps it was lack of nutrients, and what do you know! The leaves are looking happy and healthy again😁 2 or 3 young sprouts are still white and most likely dead, but otherwise I'm really happy 😁 I need to transfer some of the older sprouts to bigger pots at some point, but so far this project has been quite the success and I'm really excited for my plant baby's future 😊 #AfricanIris #dietesgrandiflora