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I need to thank y’all. Life is not good right now but I’m thankful I have this community. I would feel so lonely if I didn’t have the #Greggers by my side 🥲 While life is slowly destroying itself, let me show you a good part of my life that has been overlooked by my brain because of mental illness. It sucks being so negative sometimes, but I need to remind myself that not EVERYTHING is bad in my life. I have plants and despite everything going on, I somehow manage to keep plants alive! And that is important. 📸 Cloud Boy #philodendrongoldenmelinonii) is looking fabulous today. He’s gotten HUGE since I received him in the mail from #plantfairy @ManyLime 🌿🫶🏽 Caribbean Dreams #MarbleQueenPothos) is one of #GregGang’s favorites due to the intricate and detailed variegation on each leaf. It’s picture-perfect ✨🌱 Sour Cream & Onion #PothosNJoy & #GlobalGreenPothos) is growing TOO FAST! Ever since I created my own #monsterpothos/ #frankenpothos, all of them have taken off in growth! I may need a bigger pot when it comes around to repot next spring 🫣 My small #PhilodendronMicans is pushing out TONS of new growth and the leaves are perfect 🥹 loving the colors right now 💚 Lilo #MiniMonstera) pushed out a new leaf! She’s been having gnats issues as compared to my other plants, unsure why. Her soil is relatively dry between waterings, but the sticky traps definitely help contain the gnats 🤞🏽 Couldn’t wait till tomorrow to post! I’ve been so busy so unsure if I’ll be able to make it 🥲 Thanks for reading this if you did. Just needed someone to hear me out 💚 #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #Pothos #Philodendron #PothosPack #PhiloFlock #MonsteraMob #PlantTherapy #CentralTexasGang #kscapedream