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Went to my stomping grounds (The Lucky Rabbit) right when they opened this morning, hoping they鈥檇 restocked their little plant section because I wanted to 鈥渓ook鈥濔煒 They hadn鈥檛 restocked, but I did find two new babies! A Dragon Tail and a Philodendron Jungle Boogie (I鈥檝e had the song stuck in my head all day now and I鈥檓 not mad about it because I happen to LOVE that song) I told my husband this is IT for new plants until after Christmas, which is what I said about 4 plants and a couple weeks ago 馃槀 I (jokingly) blame The Lucky Rabbit for my plant addiction. It鈥檚 one of the coolest places we have locally (it was featured in the show Home Town, which is filmed about 30 minutes from where I live), and my mom, sisters and I go there a lot. Well, it鈥檚 layout is a large square and you have to walk by the plants at some point or another. For almost TWO YEARS I would look at that plant section longingly before reminding myself 鈥淜im, NO. You鈥檝e managed to Redrum fake IKEA plants, DO NOT bring a live one home again鈥 馃槀 Then one day, I couldn鈥檛 resist anymore- because Jojo Siwa (the Philodendron Brasil pictured) was there. She beckoned me. The leaves were incredible- I鈥檇 never seen leaves like that! I snatched her off the shelf, paid the $6 for her and that was that: Plant addiction activated 馃槀 I think about 50% of my plants have come from The Lucky Rabbit at this point!! I鈥檝e really enjoyed watching all of my starter plants grow 馃槉 Speaking of, Jojo is putting out some new growth again 馃挌 Side note: I was going to post this to FB, but I鈥檓 scared I鈥檓 starting to annoy my friends and family with plant photos and memes so I鈥檓 trying to give it a break. They鈥檙e all super supportive but I always worry it鈥檚 too much. Anyone else struggle with wanting to share every single plant, new leaf, repotting results, etc but also not wanting to bother everyone? 馃槀 #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PhilodendronBrasil #DragonTailPlant #PhilodendronJungleBoogie