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How come some of these flowers grow “dry” while others bl...

You’ll see on the side that there’s flowers that don’t really blossom, the petals are dry, but the actual blossoms appear in the center of the plant. What are the dry ones for? The middle blossoms appeared overnight one day and totally surprised me!
4” pot
Last watered 2 years ago
@TinyDog if it’s in direct sunlight it might have caused sunburn to the leaves.

Place in bright indoor light, but not direct sun. In our winter climate, a sunny window that has a sheer curtain is almost always bright and cool. Direct morning sunlight is great but avoid afternoon sun.

Also be careful watering it as you don’t have drainage in your pot. Primroses indoors are very susceptible to root rot, so it is important to keep them moist but not too moist. For proper primrose indoor care, water as soon as the top of the soil feels dry, but do not allow the soil to dry out as they will wilt and die quickly in dry soil. Primroses indoors also need high humidity.