Posted 3w ago by @ChangelessGray

The dirt never seems to dry in any of my plants, what's the deal?
6” pot
Last watered 4 weeks ago
If youre not watering too often. It could be that your plants dont get enough sunlight/heat, the pot is not porus enough (i had this problem with a not flexible plastic pot i bought fron the dollar store) or the soil your using isnt airy enoigh.
Agree with @Beanmomma. This issue can be several different things. How often are you watering and do you wait for the soil to be somewhat dry before the next watering? It could also be that the plant is not in a sunny area enough and the soil is not drying.

I see you’re using a plastic pot so it’s a good idea for these to dry out before watering, as they can contain or hold moisture in the pot. I’d either switch to a porous pot such as a Teracotta, or keep track of your watering! 😊🌱✨

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