Posted 2w ago by @KrunchyWrap

Look at my lil okra
Look at my lil gourds
Look at my cucumbers
And that basil OH my lawwdddd
I did the self pollination and it worked!!!! I don't even eat any of this stuff... I just want the gourds for bird houses and other random things. The Rest is really to know i can do it and maintain it.ill end up giving most of it away. #happyplants #cucumber #plantmafia #planttherapy #plantshelfie #newgrowth #okra #gittygourds #sweetbasil #VeggieTales #veggiegardens
Way to grow Krunchy!!
Way to go!
We'd expect nothing less from Dr Green!
Oh, on the self pollination lol
I went to try that with the accidental pumpkins and a bee came zooming out at me.
I ran. Didn't look back. Pollinate ya damn self I said. πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’šπŸŒ±
They are so pretty krunchy! 😊
Very productive πŸ‘ even pollinating. The basil will be good for pasta
Fresh basil and fresh slices of mozzarella cheese on bread with garlic butter toasted in the oven with tomato πŸ…!! Yum
I need to learn about self pollination
@BoazGrows I don't know about other plants but if you get on you tube you can find videos that show you how! Like with the cucumbers, when it flowers some are male and some female. It shows you how tk tell the different between the two and then all you have to do is get a little paint brush and gently twist in the male flower and the do it in a female flower so you can transfer the pollen. At first I thought I was crazy but I swear right after doing it in no time they started forming! Now I have to figure out if I have to do the same with my okra lol
Thank you! I shall go to You Tube

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