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Zebra Plant

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Zebra Plant has a Browns easily plant personality Browns easily
Zebra Plant has a Large, lush leaves plant personality Large, lush leaves

About Zebra Plant

Grown as a broad-leaf evergreen and as a houseplant. Prefers a well-drained acidic potting soil and high humidity. No serious insect or disease problems but look out for aphids, scale, and whiteflies. Cut plants back after flowering to manage growth.


Aphelandra squarrosa

How to care for Zebra Plant


How often to water your Zebra Plant

Water needs for Zebra Plant
0.5 cups
every 9

Zebra Plant needs 0.5 cups of water every 9 when it doesn’t get direct sunlight and is potted in a 5" pot.

Use our water calculator to personalize watering recommendations to your environment or download Greg for more advanced recommendations for all of your plants.

Calculate water needs of Zebra Plant

Water 0.5 cups every

Does your plant get direct sunlight?

Select the pot size


Check the growing potential in your area

A plant's growing potential is determined from its location, the time of year, and current local weather.

Select a city to check sunlight intensity

Finding light for Zebra Plant in your home

Light needs and placement for plant Zebra Plant: 3ft from a window
3ft or less from
a window

Zebra Plant may have difficulty thriving, and will drop leaves 🍃, without ample sunlight.

Place it less than 3 feet from a south-facing window to maximize the potential for growth.

Select your region to see how the current weather in your area affects the placement of Zebra Plant in your home 🏡.


How to fertilize Zebra Plant

Nutrient, fertilizer, and repotting needs for Zebra Plant: repot after 2X growth

Most potting soils come with ample nutrients which plants use to produce new growth.

By the time your plant has depleted the nutrients in its soil it’s likely grown enough to need a larger pot anyway.

To replenish this plant's nutrients, repot your Zebra Plant after it doubles in size or once a year—whichever comes first.

Difficulty Level

Zebra Plant is generally easy to care for, though some plant parents report facing challenges with growing it. Check out the reviews down below to read more about their experiences!

Water Needs
Sunlight Needs
Native Region
Growth Pattern
Growing Outdoors
Yellow Leaves

Care Summary for Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant

Greg recommends:


0.5 cups every 9 days


< 3ft from a window


Repot after 2x growth

Based on the 4” pot your plant is in, and that it doesn’t get direct sunlight.

What other plant parents say

Zebra Plant has a Browns easily plant personality Browns easily 20
Zebra Plant has a Large, lush leaves plant personality Large, lush leaves 18
Zebra Plant has a Survivor plant personality Survivor 14
Zebra Plant has a Fast grower plant personality Fast grower 8
Zebra Plant has a Pest magnet plant personality Pest magnet 3
Zebra Plant has a Blooms easily plant personality Blooms easily 3
Zebra Plant has a Easy to propagate plant personality Easy to propagate 3
Honeyharbin avatar
leaf-1 30 Plants
xp 3,815 XP

This is such a beautiful plant but it’s so finicky. Browns if you under or over water in the slightest, drops leaves and is one of my hardest plants to figure out 😭

Browns easily Browns easily
Large, lush leaves Large, lush leaves
Poppyberto avatar
leaf-1 11 Plants
xp 1,435 XP
globe Montréal, Québec

At first I didn’t have a humidifier or a mister and I really had some trouble with it, but since having enough humidity this plant is GORGEOUS!

Fast grower Fast grower
Large, lush leaves Large, lush leaves
Mariansoasis avatar
leaf-1 91 Plants
xp 7,126 XP
globe Solana Beach, CA

Can be fussy about too little/too much water and drops a leaf in retaliation. Hence, Mr. Particular 🤪

Large, lush leaves Large, lush leaves
Kaylies avatar
leaf-1 45 Plants
xp 8,427 XP
globe Leawood, KS

It’s always unhappy and ends then brown and leaves drop.

Browns easily Browns easily
Hel3ng avatar
leaf-1 5 Plants
xp 216 XP
globe Nelson

This is definitely a survivor when I first got it I kept forgetting to water it hence why there are no leaves on the stem.

Survivor Survivor
Emma avatar
leaf-1 7 Plants
xp 357 XP

Temperamental little thing but we’ll learn to get along eventually 🪴

Browns easily Browns easily
Large, lush leaves Large, lush leaves
Maya avatar
leaf-1 2 Plants
xp 36 XP
globe London, England

Even when you forget to water it and it is nearly dead just watering it once it comes back to life so whickly

Survivor Survivor
Large, lush leaves Large, lush leaves
Krystalatch avatar
leaf-1 21 Plants
xp 1,258 XP
globe Weatherford, TX

This plant is such a drama queen. Browns easy. Always my first plant to get any pests each season. Trying been oil on it so hopefully is does better. Needs lots of checking on

Survivor Survivor
Browns easily Browns easily
Pest magnet Pest magnet
Jphillippe avatar
leaf-1 39 Plants
xp 1,272 XP
globe Minnetonka, MN

I’m super trying to keep her alive, she’s super persnickety!

Pest magnet Pest magnet
Browns easily Browns easily
Darlynn avatar
leaf-1 0 Plants
xp 41 XP
globe Austin, TX

I rescued this plant from a neighbor, with a note saying that it had bugs.. it didn’t in fact have bugs just dust. I placed the plant inside, and for three days without care… Which led to the tops of the stems wilting and the tips of the leaves brown

Browns easily Browns easily
Queenvee avatar
leaf-1 30 Plants
xp 1,622 XP
globe San Francisco, CA

Super friendly plant, tells you when she needs more water by drooping. Charming addition to any indoor space.

Survivor Survivor
Plantmomma3 avatar
leaf-1 78 Plants
xp 5,543 XP
globe Starkville, MS

Love the blooms!!!!

Large, lush leaves Large, lush leaves
Blooms easily Blooms easily
Fast grower Fast grower
Emma avatar
leaf-1 4 Plants
xp 80 XP
globe Northampton, England

so dramatic lol, my plant got brown leaves so quickly so i tried to save them but more and more leaves turned brown. i have gave them lots of water and humidity as that what it likes but nothing works. my plant has tow leaves left and i have done lots of research and still unsure why it’s dead

Browns easily Browns easily
Heartoutpau avatar
leaf-1 8 Plants
xp 195 XP
globe Monterrey, Nuevo León

Super easy to take care of and resistant

Marit avatar
leaf-1 15 Plants
xp 737 XP
globe Barrie, Ontario

This is a very dramatic plant when it needs to be watered but it’s very clear when it needs to be watered

Survivor Survivor
Browns easily Browns easily
Tom avatar
leaf-1 5 Plants
xp 94 XP
globe Montréal, Québec

I just love how it gowns so fast and the leaves are big

Browns easily Browns easily
Large, lush leaves Large, lush leaves
Fast grower Fast grower
Emmalouuuise avatar
leaf-1 5 Plants
xp 174 XP
globe Denton, England

My zebra plant grows new leaves all the time. ❤️
She has bright indirect light and watered when the top inch is dry. No idea why she’s so happy since I’ve read they’re hard to keep but I have two pairs of new leaves since I got her 2 months ago 🪴

Fast grower Fast grower
Alliet avatar
leaf-1 16 Plants
xp 865 XP

Very dramatic. Water it a day late and it gets super droopy

Browns easily Browns easily
Large, lush leaves Large, lush leaves
Kimdaley avatar
leaf-1 20 Plants
xp 1,378 XP
globe Portland, OR

Beautiful plant, but a bit of a drama queen. Very expressive leaves that will droop dramatically to let you know it’s unhappy. Leaves brown easily as well. Have to really check-in on this guy.

Browns easily Browns easily
Anah7077 avatar
leaf-1 117 Plants
xp 4,332 XP
globe Corona, CA

Leaves fall off with the slightest touch.

Browns easily Browns easily

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