Plant Care Schlumbergera Truncata

Schlumbergera Truncata

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Schlumbergera Truncata has a Survivor plant personality Survivor
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Also known as

False Christmas Cactus, False Christmas Cactus, Holiday Cactus, Crab Cactus and Thanksgiving Cactus


Schlumbergera truncata

How to care for Schlumbergera Truncata


How often to water your Schlumbergera Truncata

Water needs for Schlumbergera Truncata
0.5 cups
every 12

Schlumbergera Truncata needs 0.5 cups of water every 12 when it doesn’t get direct sunlight and is potted in a 5" pot.

Use our water calculator to personalize watering recommendations to your environment or download Greg for more advanced recommendations for all of your plants.

Calculate water needs of Schlumbergera Truncata

Water 0.5 cups every

Does your plant get direct sunlight?

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Check the growing potential in your area

A plant's growing potential is determined from its location, the time of year, and current local weather.

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Finding light for False Christmas Cactus in your home

Light needs and placement for plant Schlumbergera Truncata: 1ft from a window
1ft or less from
a window

Schlumbergera Truncata love being close to bright, sunny windows 😎.

Place it less than 1ft from a south-facing window to maximize the potential for growth.

Schlumbergera Truncata does not tolerate low-light 🚫.

Select your region to see how the current weather in your area affects the placement of Schlumbergera Truncata in your home 🏡.


How to fertilize Schlumbergera Truncata

Nutrient, fertilizer, and repotting needs for Schlumbergera Truncata: repot after 2X growth

Most potting soils come with ample nutrients which plants use to produce new growth.

By the time your plant has depleted the nutrients in its soil it’s likely grown enough to need a larger pot anyway.

To replenish this plant's nutrients, repot your Schlumbergera Truncata after it doubles in size or once a year—whichever comes first.

Care Summary for Schlumbergera Truncata

Schlumbergera Truncata

Schlumbergera Truncata

Greg recommends:


0.5 cups every 12 days


< 1ft from a window


Repot after 2x growth

Based on the 4” pot your plant is in, and that it doesn’t get direct sunlight.

What other plant parents say

Schlumbergera Truncata has a Survivor plant personality Survivor 150
Schlumbergera Truncata has a Fast grower plant personality Fast grower 87
Schlumbergera Truncata has a Easy to propagate plant personality Easy to propagate 69
Schlumbergera Truncata has a Blooms easily plant personality Blooms easily 66
Schlumbergera Truncata has a Large, lush leaves plant personality Large, lush leaves 25
Schlumbergera Truncata has a Pet friendly plant personality Pet friendly 23
Schlumbergera Truncata has a Pest magnet plant personality Pest magnet 4
Schlumbergera Truncata has a Browns easily plant personality Browns easily 2
Tessasplants avatar
leaf-1 35 Plants
xp 714 XP

This one is flowering and like a cactus never dies.

Fast grower Fast grower
Survivor Survivor
Elaine avatar
leaf-1 8 Plants
xp 115 XP
globe Arlington, Massachusetts

Likes sun

Pet friendly Pet friendly
Easy to propagate Easy to propagate
Fast grower Fast grower
Esperaqua avatar
leaf-1 5 Plants
xp 94 XP
globe Grand Ledge, Michigan

Do not overwater. My Thanksgiving cactus thankfully survived an overwatering, but not everyone will. Be careful!

Survivor Survivor
Theaa avatar
leaf-1 4 Plants
xp 149 XP

Its cool

Mom123 avatar
leaf-1 13 Plants
xp 307 XP
globe Salisbury, Maryland

Blooms beautifully when kept properly. Be sure to keep it watered. Loses leaves easily.

Abbypremnum avatar
leaf-1 43 Plants
xp 981 XP
globe Columbia, Missouri

These plants are quite hardy and often survive long periods of being treated like a succulent or “real” cactus, but they are actually a tropical epiphyte and are much happier in a humid bathroom than in front of a bright window.

Getting them to flower can be tricky and I honestly haven’t bothered to try it myself. I enjoy the plant as-is and like watching new sections grow in.

Fast grower Fast grower
Easy to propagate Easy to propagate
Survivor Survivor
Gamma4-3 avatar
leaf-1 10 Plants
xp 343 XP
globe Colfax, Louisiana

Very easy to grow. Loves fresh rain water and indirect light. Go by Greg’s watering schedule as over watering will cause root rot. Blooms beautiful peachy orange flowers at Thanksgiving.

Jphillippe avatar
leaf-1 39 Plants
xp 1,018 XP
globe Minnetonka, Minnesota

Love this plant! It’s a baby from a plant I rehomed from the Pacific Northwest, so it’s definitely a survivor!

Fast grower Fast grower
Blooms easily Blooms easily
Easy to propagate Easy to propagate
Survivor Survivor
Sarah avatar
leaf-1 4 Plants
xp 64 XP
globe Rockford, Illinois

Very hearty. I’ve also had it outdoors on our covered porch in the summertime and it did really well there.

Easy to propagate Easy to propagate
Survivor Survivor
Icantwink avatar
leaf-1 23 Plants
xp 778 XP
globe Hoppers Crossing, Victoria

If you don’t feed it for awhile, she will be okay! She’s a real survivor:)

Fast grower Fast grower
Survivor Survivor
Emily18 avatar
leaf-1 11 Plants
xp 208 XP

Easy to over water but other than that easy to care for!

Maried20 avatar
leaf-1 9 Plants
xp 608 XP
globe Clifton Forge, Virginia

Has only bloomed flowers once sence I’ve had this plant

Thegreenhouse58a avatar
leaf-1 21 Plants
xp 554 XP
globe Worcester, Massachusetts

I live in New England, and last winter (October-ish?) I accidentally left this cactus outside during a frost... maybe more than one day... I brought it in, left it is the window with good morning sunshine for weeks, cleaned up the dead parts that easily broke off and back in May I saw growth! And now this guy is happily growing back!

Survivor Survivor
Visyn avatar
leaf-1 41 Plants
xp 1,003 XP

Plant just keeps going with minimal care, blooms twice a year. Wish it grew faster.

Survivor Survivor
Tybee avatar
leaf-1 3 Plants
xp 78 XP
globe Atlanta, Georgia

They do grow rapidly after a while! :)

Fast grower Fast grower
Easy to propagate Easy to propagate
Pet friendly Pet friendly
Survivor Survivor
Chaiesgreenbabies avatar
leaf-1 2 Plants
xp 59 XP
globe Walsall, England

Super easy to manage, not much maintenance required & in bloom can look really pretty 🌸

Fast grower Fast grower
Survivor Survivor
Pest magnet Pest magnet
Large, lush leaves Large, lush leaves
Justplanty avatar
leaf-1 91 Plants
xp 2,794 XP

I’ve had my plant for about 6 years now! Love how easy it is to care for! Great for indoor or out

Fast grower Fast grower
Easy to propagate Easy to propagate
Survivor Survivor
Mvdi_ avatar
leaf-1 17 Plants
xp 565 XP
globe Virginia Beach, Virginia

He likes full sun but also doesn’t get fussy if I move him ! He literally is one of my favorites because I can go almost 2 weeks without worrying about him needing water!

Fast grower Fast grower
Survivor Survivor
Staceakin avatar
leaf-1 25 Plants
xp 681 XP
globe Bristol, England

Beautiful and strong

Large, lush leaves Large, lush leaves
Easy to propagate Easy to propagate
Survivor Survivor
Dannielle avatar
leaf-1 14 Plants
xp 312 XP
globe Harpenden, England

Easy, blooms in winter & survives over & under watering

Survivor Survivor

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