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What is your favorite type of plants or plant family?
I love that everyone has different plants they love, especially because some of us can't seem to keep those plants alive.

For example: I cannot keep succulents alive (other than aloe or jade), but so many people rock at them!

My biggest love is rubber trees (I have seven). My absolute favorite was a cutting from some of my dear friends since college. It has been through moves and kids, survived all the light levels and had to be cut back two times, plus I have been able to share it with so many others. But, I hear they are finicky?

So, who is your most loved? 🌱🌿πŸͺ΄πŸŒ·
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0ft to light, direct
14” pot without drainage
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I’m about 6 months into this plant obsession but Im 36 plants I’m now so I guess this is who I am now. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ My fave seems to be peperomia! There just seem to be so many varieties between the types! I also love my calathea orbifolia bc it was a last minute impulse by at the cash register, it was sad and tucked away and I didn’t even know what it was I just said I’d take it. Most days it likes me back. And then of course there’s my Monstera that is basically my rent-free roommate bc she sits in the living room with me where I can adore her while I watch TV! …I guess long answer short: it’s hard for me to pick just one!
i really love peperomias too!
I love hoyas and Alocasia but this Rhapidophora Tetrasperma has stolen my heart! It grows so fast, it’s so unfussy. An absolute delight to grow πŸ₯°
@PlantMompy mine are Monsteras and any type of pothos.
Going by sheer numbers? Pileas. I have six of them potted and the mother is putting out more offshoots! It’s also the first plant I got that more or less has thrived, and I’ve had it for years.
@PlantMompy it's hard to pick a favourite I love all my plants, I have more Hoyas 4, Jades 6, and Bromeliads 13 (10 are Tillandsias). I do tend to go for unusual and more rare plants, I love the challenge of caring for exotics!!
I love my bonsai trees! I have a variety of types, from flowering trees to conifers. They definitely have unique requirements compared to other houseplants, but they are so worth the effort!
@FreshWidow I can't keep my pilea happy for the sake of me!! Good to know someone loves them.
Monsteras and literally any variation of a pothos. They're both so easy to grow and lovely to look at!
@Terrysplanties yes! Pothos are perfect!!