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Propagation advice?
#GinkoTree I’m trying to propagate from a shoot from a male tree. The original shoot didn’t seem to like water only, so I trimmed it down and put it in soil. It hadn’t had enough light, so I’ve moved it. Any advice is appreciated! #PropagationStation #Propagation
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Honestly, I've never dealt with this plant but I hate that you haven't had any answers for two hours.

If you will, can you add #PropagationStation and #Propagation to your post? Perhaps you can reach more folks that way.

I hope you get an answer soon!
I own a ginkgo tree. Not sure which gender. It’s about 8 ft tall. I didn’t know you can propagate a tree from a cutting. I’m curious in how this gets answered.
@shorti6770 I don’t know if it can, either! The females have stinky fruit. You’d know. 😉
@sarahsalith thank you, I will!
Okay ... because I have a plant addiction, I looked it up. 😁 Now i'm going to look for a MALE tree. (:
@sarahsalith why is it in nature that males are beautiful and females stink? We are so under appreciated!!!
@user22906359 because females get the job done! 💪
@user22906359 I’m hoping mine’s a girl! I’ve got some loose dogs and cats owners to repay the gifts their pets leave in my yard and plants. 😂 I’m sure their dogs will LOVE rolling on some of the fruit I toss in their yards and the same for the cats. 😂😂😂

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