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What's the name of this
Can someone tell me what's the name of this plant and, should I keep it indoor or outdoor and why it's like this? #help #helpneeded #plantnames
2” pot
Last watered 6 days ago
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Looks like double petunia to me. I have the worst luck with them. In spring they come in full and pretty and by this time of summer they look like yours. The only luck I e ever had keeping them longer is cutting them back.
@BalancedBonsai thank you so so so much for replying, it looks very similar to a double petunia, should I keep it indoor or outdoor if u know?
If you want it to live- trim it and bring it in if the weather is cooling in your area. If they are double petunias they are annuals so most ppl- myself included grow them for the summer and rebuy them in spring.
@BalancedBonsai okay thank you so much for replying I appreciate it very much :)
@FitWaxplant anytime! Best of luck and let me know how it goes 🌿☘️

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