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This little guy is loving its new pot and growing medium. (2 week update)

30% Coco coir
20% Orchid bark fine
15% Orchid bark Coarse
20% Pumice/lava rocks
10% Activated Charcoal
5% Sand

What growing medium do you use?
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4” pot
Last watered 3 days ago
I couldn't tell you percents cause it all feel but a little bit of Fox happy frog with varying amounts of perlite, bark, and sphagnum moss depending on vibes of the plant.

I'm a newbie at mixing my own! I just started adding perlite to my soil, but mostly but premixed for different plants. Once I finish this last back of soil I have I'm thinking about playing around with hydroponics, making mixtures from scratch, etc
@RJG sounds very airy and chunky! Love it!
@PlantMompy mixing your own is the way to go! I’ve started using perlite but switched to pumice and lava rocks, they add weight to the pot and don’t float to the top when you water
I've been hearing about perlite floating to the top. My "winter project" is to get my indoor plant work space ready, which will mean bins for each medium so I can mix and match (and a lot of research). 🀞🏼
@Blackboxjungle that's the goal
I just mixed up a bucket of potting mix and used bagged indoor organic potting mix with roughly equal parts peat moss and perlite along with a scoop of earthworm castings. @Blackboxjungle I've been researching pumice and lava rock and want to try them. I think one or both would be a good addition for repotting my taller dragon tree to give her support and make sure she stays upright! @PlantMompy I, too, want to play around with (semi) hydroponics. On a whim I picked up a bag of LECA...but I don't quite know what to do with it yet! 😁
Soilless all the way!! My go to recipe recently has been:

5 parts pumice
4 parts orchid bark
4 parts coco coir
1 part horticultural charcoal
1 part sphagnum moss
1 part gentle nutrients (neem seed meal, kelp meal, and mycorrhizal rooting hormone)

I have to make it well draining and loose because I’m a serial overwaterer, whoops
@corvidfan I would 100% recommend pumice and lava rocks. Not only are they beneficial but they look more natural and makes your mix a pretty lol
@lazyplantparent nice and chunky! And I have the same exact problem πŸ˜…
Welcome to Greg @Blackboxjungle 🌱🌿
@Sassylimey thank you 😁

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