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Manjula Pothos

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About Manjula Pothos

Feng shui experts say placing pothos in sharp corners or angles in your home can reduce anxiety and stress. 😌 A NASA/ALCA study on the use of common plants for indoor air purification also labeled them—along with Philodendron and spider plants—as the most effective in removing formaldehyde from the air. 💨 The genus name Epipremnum comes from the Greek roots meaning 'upon' and 'stump', since these plants are expert tree climbers! All parts of them are toxic, so be sure to keep them away from furry friends and small children.


Epipremnum aureum 'Manjula'

Also known as

Epipremnum Happy leaf

How to care for Manjula Pothos


How often to water your Manjula Pothos

Water needs for Manjula Pothos
0.5 cups
every 9

Manjula Pothos needs 0.5 cups of water every 9 when it doesn’t get direct sunlight and is potted in a 5" pot.

Use our water calculator to personalize watering recommendations to your environment or download Greg for more advanced recommendations for all of your plants.

Calculate water needs of Manjula Pothos

Water 0.5 cups every

Does your plant get direct sunlight?

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Check the growing potential in your area

A plant's growing potential is determined from its location, the time of year, and current local weather.

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Finding light for Manjula Pothos in your home

Light needs and placement for plant Manjula Pothos: 6ft from a window
6ft or less from
a window

Manjula Pothos can tolerate being far from a window and light source.

Place it less than 6 feet from a south-facing window to ensure it receives enough light to survive 💪.

Select your region to see how the current weather in your area affects the placement of Manjula Pothos in your home 🏡.


How to fertilize Manjula Pothos

Nutrient, fertilizer, and repotting needs for Manjula Pothos: repot after 2X growth

Most potting soils come with ample nutrients which plants use to produce new growth.

By the time your plant has depleted the nutrients in its soil it’s likely grown enough to need a larger pot anyway.

To replenish this plant's nutrients, repot your Manjula Pothos after it doubles in size or once a year—whichever comes first.

Water Needs
Sunlight Needs
Native Region

Care Summary for Manjula Pothos

Manjula Pothos

Manjula Pothos

Greg recommends:


0.5 cups every 9 days


< 6ft from a window


Repot after 2x growth

Based on the 4” pot your plant is in, and that it doesn’t get direct sunlight.

What other plant parents say

Manjula Pothos has a Fast grower plant personality Fast grower 9
Manjula Pothos has a Easy to propagate plant personality Easy to propagate 8
Manjula Pothos has a Survivor plant personality Survivor 7
Manjula Pothos has a Large, lush leaves plant personality Large, lush leaves 2
Manjula Pothos has a Browns easily plant personality Browns easily 1
Mrsdexter avatar
leaf-1 1 Plants
xp 67 XP
globe Berlin, WI

Beautiful leaves, grows quickly and can get very large
Somewhat hard to find, when found can be pricey, but I found mine at a local Walmart

Fast grower Fast grower
Survivor Survivor
Yvette avatar
leaf-1 42 Plants
xp 2,923 XP
globe Crowborough, England

Haven’t had my Pothos for that long turned up in very soggy soil leaving me with browning on the leaves and had to repot and remove the browning leaves, but I’m hopeful that this plant with thrive once it’s recovered.

Fast grower Fast grower
Survivor Survivor
Browns easily Browns easily
Easy to propagate Easy to propagate
Nallon avatar
leaf-1 35 Plants
xp 3,767 XP

They’re generous plants that provide beautiful foliage. Easy to grow from props too, mine came from Etsy and have been such forgiving, easy care plants. I’ve used a mix of bark, potting mix and pearlite in a terracotta pot for best results!

Easy to propagate Easy to propagate
Survivor Survivor
Suppptate avatar
leaf-1 25 Plants
xp 694 XP
globe Oklahoma City, OK

Every single leaf is highly unique!

Easy to propagate Easy to propagate
Survivor Survivor
Fast grower Fast grower
Megan avatar
leaf-1 86 Plants
xp 14,504 XP
globe Washington, DC

Pretty easy! Likes to dry out between watering. Pretty hearty. Mine has lost a couple of leaves but the ones that are still there look great. Doesn’t seem to be the fastest grower.

Amyloudxn avatar
leaf-1 57 Plants
xp 2,991 XP
globe Chermside, Queensland

This one seems to need a LOT of indirect light in order for it to grow big paddley leaves but it’s so worth it when each leaf is bigger than the last 😍. I think the variegation is stable also (but could be wrong).

Fast grower Fast grower
Emma avatar
leaf-1 9 Plants
xp 164 XP

This was one of my first plants, and i have not killed it yet. It was the first plant i propagated and it went pretty well.

Fast grower Fast grower
Easy to propagate Easy to propagate
Survivor Survivor
Annabelleborm avatar
leaf-1 3 Plants
xp 525 XP
globe Bellingham, WA

Survived me forgetting to water it for 3 weeks. Grows very quickly in the spring and summer. Had some problems with pests but was my fault I think.

Fast grower Fast grower
Easy to propagate Easy to propagate
Survivor Survivor

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