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Bread Wheat

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Also known as

Wheatgrass, Wheatgrass, Cat grass, Spelt wheat and Common wheat


Triticum aestivum

How to care for Bread Wheat


How often to water your Bread Wheat

Water needs for Bread Wheat
0.5 cups
every 9

Bread Wheat needs 0.5 cups of water every 9 when it doesn’t get direct sunlight and is potted in a 5" pot.

Use our water calculator to personalize watering recommendations to your environment or download Greg for more advanced recommendations for all of your plants.

Calculate water needs of Bread Wheat

Water 0.5 cups every

Does your plant get direct sunlight?

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Check the growing potential in your area

A plant's growing potential is determined from its location, the time of year, and current local weather.

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Finding light for Wheatgrass in your home

Light needs and placement for plant Bread Wheat: 3ft from a window
3ft or less from
a window

Bread Wheat may have difficulty thriving, and will drop leaves 🍃, without ample sunlight.

Place it less than 3 feet from a south-facing window to maximize the potential for growth.

Select your region to see how the current weather in your area affects the placement of Bread Wheat in your home 🏡.


How to fertilize Bread Wheat

Nutrient, fertilizer, and repotting needs for Bread Wheat: repot after 2X growth

Most potting soils come with ample nutrients which plants use to produce new growth.

By the time your plant has depleted the nutrients in its soil it’s likely grown enough to need a larger pot anyway.

To replenish this plant's nutrients, repot your Bread Wheat after it doubles in size or once a year—whichever comes first.

Water Needs
Sunlight Needs
Growing Outdoors

Care Summary for Bread Wheat

Bread Wheat

Bread Wheat

Greg recommends:


0.5 cups every 9 days


< 3ft from a window


Repot after 2x growth

Based on the 4” pot your plant is in, and that it doesn’t get direct sunlight.

What other plant parents say

Bread Wheat has a Fast grower plant personality Fast grower 12
Bread Wheat has a Browns easily plant personality Browns easily 4
Bread Wheat has a Easy to propagate plant personality Easy to propagate 2
Bread Wheat has a Survivor plant personality Survivor 1
Bread Wheat has a Pest magnet plant personality Pest magnet 1
@fallacyfiend avatar
leaf-1 2 Plants
xp 50 XP

I grew this plant because my cats love it

Fast grower Fast grower
Survivor Survivor
@Brianchartrand avatar
leaf-1 27 Plants
xp 812 XP

My cats love to eat it

Fast grower Fast grower
Browns easily Browns easily
@Beanzcanhazplantz avatar
leaf-1 25 Plants
xp 308 XP

I loved this plant but the cat sat on it and I think it’s about to die. So sad :(

@liam avatar
leaf-1 19 Plants
xp 1,266 XP
globe Lake Forest, CA

safe for hamsters and cats to nibble, super rewarding to grow, v fun plant :^]

Fast grower Fast grower
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leaf-1 7 Plants
xp 167 XP

If you grow Wheatgrass/Catgrass from seeds it will germinate in as little as two days when sprouted in pots or trays. It takes the grass six to 10 days to reach harvest size. The roots mold easily, so do not water from the top, but rather soak the roots from the bottom in a bowl for max 2 hours. Do not water again for a few days until the roots have dried thoroughly. After the grass has reached harvest size, you have about 2 weeks until that crop will begin to die. You might be able to get two crops out of one batch of seeds, but most likely, you will have to throw out each batch of seeds monthly and buy a new batch of seeds. They grow quickly, but due quickly. House pets LOVE this grass and it is pet-safe and gives them a good dose of fiber. You can either let them free-graze on the grass by leaving the pot lying around in reach, or you can cut a few blades and add it to your pet’s food. It is also a popular source of fiber for humans by adding to smoothies or blending a shot of pure wheatgrass. Honestly, it tastes pretty gross, but it has healthy benefits apparently.

Easy to propagate Easy to propagate
Pest magnet Pest magnet
Browns easily Browns easily
Fast grower Fast grower

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