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Bottom Watering
What are your thoughts on bottom watering? Do you see a difference? Which plants?

I've done it with one plant that was pretty mature but other than that it's fairly new to me. #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #newgrowth #bottomwatering
A butt chug is a great way for plants to absorb the amount of water they need. It also helps prevent nasties like fungus gnats who like to breed in the top inches of the soil.

I would say, every 4th watering, water with a can to help flush out any excess salts and minerals in the soil. Other than that, bottom water away! 🌸🌱
I bottom water almost all of my plants! The main difference I've found is it helps the soil not get compacted... I'm not really sure if it has any other benefits tho, I just know my plants love it. Lol
I bottom water my plants, almost exclusively! It takes longer than top watering but worth it because I don’t get as many gnats. That said, every couple of months I’ll do a top water, just to wash away any excess minerals that have accumulated.

Anyhow, all my indoor plants love bottom watering and are thriving!
A good butt chug works for all my plants, they're doing really well. I totally agree with @Nallon, according to Greg butt chugging is better for plants and does keep those little gnat buggers from breeding in your top soil, they like damp soil! 🦟
Maybe I should consider bottom watering of it helps prevent gnats.
I, & my plants, LOVE bottom watering! I actually just thrifted some cute glass "bowls" so I can keep my plants in their place & keep an eye on the water levels. Before I'd throw as many plants into a large bucket & bottom water all together.
They get to soak up as much water as they need, encourages root growth all around, keeps the soil from compacting as much, and really helps keep bugs like gnats & mites from hanging around!
Honestly, it's probably the best advise I've ever encountered with plants.

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