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Would it be stupid to move Citrine??
So recently, Citrine has been getting more and more squishy. I haven’t been watering him, he’s just squishy. I don’t know if I should move him or not, can anyone help?? Also I think this needs to be said, I have no clue what I’m doing. That’s why I’m here. #help #Cactus #PincushionCactus #SucculentSquad #NewPlantMom
10ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 9 hours ago
I think he may need more sun, and maybe a smaller pot? Does that glass pot have drainage?
@poisonivy213 it has rocks on the bottom
The issue is I can’t move him to his own pot I’d have to have him trade places with a different plant because I don’t have any dirt left
@ChaosPlains I think rocks actually make the water stay in the soil due to some weird science thing… and sometimes they can get squishy from underwatering! Maybe if you repot him you can use the soil from this pot? Otherwise I would ask @strawberrymoon or @RJG, maybe even @vvvelo.
@tango but who should he trade places with…I don’t have pots or dirt and my dad won’t take me to Walmart to get any
@ChaosPlains ohhh I see! Do you have any pots with drainage? If not then maybe you could use an egg carton until you get some? They decompose easily but are great temporary pots that you can poke drainage in. I use them for any seedlings.
@tango I had him trade places with Peridot. If the soil is still wet it’s fine, Peridot hasn’t been watered for a while. And her pot has drainage.
@ChaosPlains ok awesome! Sounds great. 😊
@ChaosPlains Rocks at the bottom will only hold moisture, causing your cactus to rot. If it’s squishy, it’s possible your cactus may be rotting from the inside.

The soil in your cactus should be very dry, most of the time. Your cactus should not sit in moist soil.
@kscape thanks! I moved him to peridot’s old pot that hasn’t been watered in almost a month 😅 peridot is in his pot now. Hopefully everything will end alright!
Good luck with your cactus. 🤞

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