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Fertilizer favs?
Hey #GregGang! Just wondering what’s your favorite fertilizer? I’ve heard lots of good things for Happy Happy Houseplant! But I was wondering what do y’all like to use 😋
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I've been using Fox Farm Grow Big all summer and I really like it. I hella dilute it so I don't over fertilize my babes, and even then I'm seeing really good results.
@discreetwildyam I’ve also heard great things about FoxFarm products in general! Can you use it with any and all plants?
Sorry…nothing new here. I only use Happy Happy Houseplant.
@TJphilobsessed how’s that going for you???
I’ve had some amazing growth. Even my old FLF rescue has grown several new shiny big leaves. I love it. So easy to use and you don’t have to worry about over-fertilizing ever! Because it’s a plant food….not a fertilizer.
@TJphilobsessed what’s the difference if you mind me asking???
@ShinyBudew this is my fiddle…it was pretty much a stick with about 4 leaves and now…..
@TJphilobsessed :O wowww!!!
@ShinyBudew I’m not entirely sure 🤷‍♀️😂 but I know it’s safe and you only have to use a few drops every time. @jcPlantProper could tell you more about it. She swears on her life on HHH! And she works with plants every day!
I LOVE Happy Happy Houseplant Food. I just bought two more bottles because I ran out again (one bottle for upstairs and one for downstairs). I don't know what's in it (magical unicorn/fairy dust probably) but my plants don't complain, I feel like I'm doing something special, and I'm helping a small business.
@jcPlantProper told me about it when I was lamenting that my one, single cactus never did anything. Now look at it! It split up and kept growing!

These are just a few of my plants that have TAKEN OFF.
@sarahsalith :O AMAZING!!!
So it’s like taking daily vitamins instead of waiting till you’re sick to get vaccinated yearly basically 😂😂 it gives the plant a little of everything that it needs EVERYTIME you water. It really is magical. It’s the only fertilizer I’ll ever use. When I repot stuff that is outside in the elements , I’ll add a little bit of slow release cause when it rains it washes the plant food away but I recommend to everyone
@ShinyBudew I have been. It's been great with my aloe and other succulents. I just don't use it on them as often as I do my other plants.
@sarahsalith not me immediately going to Happy Happy Houseplant and ordering it after seeing your response 🤣🤣
@Localplantlady looking at the website as we speak!!!
@ShinyBudew and it’s not that bad! I water with a 1/2 gallon can and it’s 1 ml per gallon so this little bottle is gonna last me a while!

It cost me $33.50, shipping and everything. I’m probably gonna make a dent in it because my babies need some nourishment 🥲🤣
@Localplantlady @ShinyBudew I wish y'all could have seen these plants before- they just weren't doing much. Now POOF!! It's magic!
@jcPlantProper would you happen to know the shelf life (if I stocked up on another bottle would it stay good till later or would you recommend getting it as I need)?
@sarahsalith ohhhh it’s gonna be a good growing month when I get it in 🤩
@ShinyBudew oh yeah it lasts a while!
@ShinyBudew cause I’ve had mine for a few months already and I don’t have that many plants. She says most people have theirs for 9-12 months
@jcPlantProper how do you think this would be using it in conjunction with my compost tea/pothos water mix I use? Probably just more to the good??
@jcPlantProper good to know! Next time when I need to re-up I’ll get a couple of bottles! But I put in my first order with HHH!!! Can’t wait to get them and treat the babies well ☺️
@Localplantlady I just put in my order for it too!!!! Can’t wait as well 😇
@Wickedlemons yeah cause it wont burn your plants 🌱 and it’s microdosages
Oh shoot. I’ve had mine since October!!!
Gonna have to give it a try since y’all make it sound so good, but can’t afford 🫠🫠 one day 🤞🏽✨
@ShinyBudew mine is Halpy Happy Houseplants. I’ve been using it for 3 1/2 months now and my plants love it. It’s a plant food/fertilizer. Best I have ever used. Just like @sarahsalith @jcPlantProper and @TJphilobsessed
I'm with you @kscape I do want to give it a try, but finances... Hopefully one day soon 🫰🤞
@ShinyBudew I'm using banana peel water, which seems to give my plants a boost, only been using it for a couple of weeks though.
@Sassylimey do you just soak banana peels in water and water them :o
@kscape @Sassylimey Totally understand that I think I need a hardcore plant ban 🥴😵‍💫 finances be rough but I think HHH will be worth the investment! It’s supposed to last forever as Janai mentioned!
Yes @ShinyBudew I put several banana peels in water and let them soak for about 10 days
@Sassylimey interesting! Maybe I’ll try it one of these days!

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