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Ok I’m confused
He hasn’t been squishy for about 2 weeks now! And I haven’t watered him! Yet NOW he’s squishy again?! 😡😡 WHAT AM I DOING WRONG 😭?!
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@SirLiquorice any thoughts?? You’re good with cacti 🥺
5ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Is there any discoloration or anything bad looking on it? I don’t see anything bad in the pic. Cacti of certain types can get squishy when then need water. I use the squish test on some. If super squishy they need water but if hard to the touch or only slightly squishy they don’t need water. It’s only bad squishy if rotting and turning black
If you haven’t watered in weeks and there isn’t any discoloration then the squishyness may be due to it actually needing to be watered. Is the soil completely dry? And does the soil drain and dry fast?
It can be confusing and hard to tell sometimes
Look for any signs of rot near the bottom. If you have to then you can remove it from the soil to check roots for rot. But you may not need to go that far. Could be as simple as it now needs some water
@SirLiquorice due to what you said it might be needing water cuz he’s SUPER squishy and the soil is completely dry
@ChaosPlains yeah I had some recently that I needed to water because they were squishy. Definitely was not because of rot. It’s normal for them to get soft when needing more water. As lon as you aren’t watering it too much and as long as soil doesn’t stay wet for a long time then it’s probably just needing some water. Watch it closely and make sure the soil doesn’t stay wet for a long time. But usually when they rot they start to turn yellow or brown or black in spots especially towards the bottom
These are what signs of rot examples look like
Ahh it posted the first pic in error. That one isn’t rotting at all
Those other two seem to be weird. That specific mamillaria is extremely rot prone as you can see. Had two in a row rot on me even when I rarely watered them ever. A drop of water kills it. The other one has been doing great for a long time and started getting the rot spots. I think it may recover but the other is definitely done for
The soil doesn’t drain and dry fast enough is why the second one got rot spots but it was doing fine in that soil for a long time. I still didn’t water it very often. Weird it decided to rot now when it should have rotted a long time ago if the soil isn’t draining and drying fast
@kscape do you have any ideas?
@SirLiquorice So that is why I couldn’t find anything wrong. 😊

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