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Finished repotting it. I was hoping this pot would work for it. Seems to fit pretty good. The roots were really root bound so it will be relieved that it has some room now. We will see if the pups grow faster now also. #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #Gasteria #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #Succulents #repotted
Is this a lil warty?
Yep. I have never owned one before. They had 3 for $10 so I bought 3. Keeping this one for sure. Might keep one of the others also. I have only owned a haworthia truncacta but never one of these. I saw them a few days ago and couldnt stop thinking about them. I was surprised to find them at Home Depot of all places. Normally I would rather buy from a small nursery but I couldn’t resist.
This looks really lovely in this pot. I love little warty so much I own two of them myself! The gray color looks so nice with it.
@RJG all 3 have pups also. So that’s a bonus. Two have 3 pups and the third one has 4.
Mine has pups too
@SirLiquorice that pot is perfect!
This is THE perfect pot. 💖🥹 gasterias (and other chonky succs) look perfect in cement pots.
@Jana85 yeah I like that pot a lot. Haven’t seen one like it at rainbow gardens before. Saw it was only $4.99 so I grabbed it right away since it don’t have many pots this small. These two pics show the pot a little better. It’s weird the pictures almost make the pot look much bigger than it really is
Awesome combo 👍🏼
That’s one Cool Looking Succulent! In a Beautiful pot!
@AnnMarie420 thanks. I was surprised it was only $4.99 for that pot. I never put it down once I found it. Lol. But I didn’t see any more. I was hoping they had another one. I need to go back and check again. It seems to be a perfect size. The roots have a noticeable amount of room compared to what they did have. But it’s not too big. I shouldn’t have to worry about extra wet soil not drying. I used a mix of rabbit hill farms cactus mix and thunderhead potting mix with a layer of lava rocks on bottom and a decent layer of bonsai soil on top. That thunderhead potting mix seems to help everything grow like crazy. It just doesn’t drain and dry fast enough by itself. We will see how it grows
@AguaViviente thanks. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I’m going to wait a few days to water it. I’m curious to see how big it will be next year in September
@angelw1975 thanks. I’m going to try and find more. It’s tiny but I didn’t think $4.99 was a bad deal. I love the cement look so I probably would’ve even paid a little more.
@RJG that’s cool. They seem to grow pups fast I’m guessing. Did you get yours at east Austin succulents recently? I recall you got something similar at least.
@kscape I thought it would be perfect after I thought about it. But wasn’t sure. I bought the pot before the warty and hadn’t intended to use it for this specific one. But once I got this plant home I set it inside the cement pot and it seemed to look good. So I decided to go thru with it and repot it. And apparently they are all really root bound and can barely fit in these nursery pots anymore. I hope they have more of these cement pots. I might repot all 3 the same and keep two.
@SirLiquorice i did the same! I got these pots at Michaels for only $1!!! I bought the pots first and then eventually found these babies. Already knew I wanted to use them for these.

First pic is old but I thought they all looked cute matching 🥹

I love cement pots and your little warty looks perfect in it.
@kscape wow that’s crazy!!! Those were only $1?!?! They look good. Reminds me of the green Mario brothers tubes almost. The pups look so cool. So crazy how it multiplies so much like that. Even when they’re small. There’s a Michael’s nearby so I’m going to have to go check for any sales on pots.
@SirLiquorice I just ordered this silicone pot mold to make my own concrete pots....if It works and I end up with 200 pots (cause that's how I roll lol) I will totally send you some!
@angelw1975 please let me know!!! Intrigued!! 😩🤩😭
@angelw1975 lol. that’s so awesome thank you that would be so cool. That would be extremely awesome. Those are all good shapes too. I almost was considering starting to put them all in square ones like that so I can fit more together on a ledge or table. But not sure if I will be able to fit that much more versus round ones
I just got one and I love it!
@kscape They look terrific in those!
@TruthfulApricot i dont think your baby is a little warty! Maybe a Gasteria Pillansi or Gasteria Liliputana var. 😌

And thank you! Truly happy with my babies 💖🥹
@kscape Thanks for telling me. It was sold by an online plant dealer as Little Warty, but I bought it for its unique shape with its stacked leaves. I have looked up G. pillansii and that’s definitely what it looks like.
@kscape Here is my plant from above.
@TruthfulApricot yours looks good no matter what type it is. I guess that online seller doesn’t know for sure. I’ve seen nurseries get plants before and they were told an incorrect name or type.
@TruthfulApricot I guess you could send them a nice email and tell them you were informed by someone that it may be a different type than they are advertising. They may appreciate that. I would tell them I’m still happy I don’t want a refund or exchange but just so they can research it themselves to make sure they label them as accurately as possible. But it’s not a big deal
@TruthfulApricot those pots look cool. Do they have a lot of drainage? Because for some reason they look like the probably do.
@SirLiquorice LOTS OF DRAINAGE, LOTS! 😁 Like, a whole lot! This is the tray with 5 pots of 3.3”. There are other options. It was only $10 on Amazon.
@TruthfulApricot that’s what I thought. Even without seeing the bottom it looked like it was going to have a ton of drain holes for some reason. That’s really cool. That’s perfect for cacti and succulents especially

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