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Day 3 #plowmanii #Philodendron #pollinators: We’ve got pollen! This morning around 8am the bloom reached the “closed” state and began to show signs that pollen would be released. Less than 20 minutes later the bloom was no longer warm to the touch.

Safely cut away the outer layers to expose the spadix once again but it’s now a sappy, sticky mess covered with pollen. For the next few days it should produce some more but I got the most of it!

Spadix is now covered so the fan doesn’t blow the rest of the newly formed pollen away. The rest goes into the freezer with a silica gel pack
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10” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
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Very interesting and exciting! 🤞👍
Only 45 minutes to spare before I had to leave for airport. Thank you plowmanii and thank you everyone for following along
Okay so what do you want to cross it with? 👀👀

Also where are we off to? 👀

Thanks for sharing!
Which #Philodendron hybrid would you create with this pollen?
@RJG that’s the ultimate question. Probably the one that produces a bloom first I’m impatient lol.

As far as petiole and leaf shape goes I think a Squamiferum or Serpens fuzzy petiole with ribs and a larger leaf would be very cool 😎

I will be in San Francisco for a week as a speaker at a technology conference discussing design systems and how to automate them with JavaScript
@ForFoxSake I’ve been on the edge of my seat reading your posts…I feel like I can breathe now. 😂 Safe travels!
@RJG my hope is that my Squamicaule Pink will be the next to bloom and I can have a narrow form plowmanii with pink colored leaf backs and fuzzy petiole
@ForFoxSake omg that would be gorgeous 🤩

Absolutely stunning, I cannot WAIT to see the result of the hybrid you're going to create! I really hope it turns out how you'd like!

Also, safe travels on your trip! San Fran is definitely a fun place to visit 👐 hopefully you have some free time to go explore... Hopefully stumble upon a rad plant shop ☺️ 🪴
Can you tell me where I could find this plant?
@ForFoxSake OH MY....that would be a BEAUTIFUL HYBRID!!!🥵🥵🥵🥵

Thank you for sharing this amazing experiment!!!!
@OKIEgrnthmb it’s really bizarre to me that in 2022 I could be the first person in the world to document a successful Plowmanii harvest and cross-pollination
@user40f75ee2 they are native to Peru and Ecuador so many Florida and California nurseries would have them available for sale.

If you are brave enough to import during the hottest months of the year this is a reputable distributor but buyer beware customs and USPS are likely to ruin your day. I suggest buying multiple to cut your losses and propagate or be okay with the idea it might arrive dead. Unlike most philodendron this one doesn’t really like to be dry between watering

My suggestion would be pay a local seller the inflated cost to make sure you receive a healthy plant you can be proud of. I like to rehab plants personally so it makes ordering online a little less scary and more of “challenge accepted”
@ForFoxSake no kidding!! Only because it isn't tik tok worthy in todays society!! Lol. It was a very amazing thing to watch!! Again thank you!!
Have a safe trip!!
@ForFoxSake that ecuagenera place is where @AwesomePlants just ordered some amazing philos from!!
This journey has been a #GregGang exclusive. Where’s my mug @RJG 😂
@OKIEgrnthmb can't wait until we can do video on the platform and then Casey can show us all the things even more.
Holy pollen Batman!!
That is SO COOL!! I only have 3 philodendrons and they’re not overly rare, so this is insane to me. Hopefully someday I can cross-pollinate houseplants! 😅

Question- once another plant flowers and you pollinate it, does the hybrid show up as new leaves on the pollinated plant, or does it put off an entirely new plant?
@tango a brand new cultivar.
@ForFoxSake that’s very cool!! Can’t wait to see it. 🤩
@tango the next bloom I get I’ll be able to rub the pollen on the lower part of the flower while it’s warm to the touch and if the flower accepts the pollen it will grow berries. I harvest the berries and run them through a mesh strainer to separate seed from berry. Then you plant the new seeds and each seed will have a unique hybrid gene none will be identical and then you pick from the best looking ones and you pollinate those two together and you should get a stable cultivar at that point versus a cross pollination
@ForFoxSake oh, wow! Very cool… have you done that before? Seems like an amazing process to watch. ❤️
@tango no but i have watched a few videos on YouTube and anthurium berries look similar I’ve read the philodendron seeds aren’t much larger than a grain of sand so one berry could probably hold hundreds
@ForFoxSake 🤯 That’s a lot of seeds!! Sounds very fun.
@tango yes it would be thousands if done properly and at least a hundred or more that would germinate
@ForFoxSake can you buy seeds online for non-hybrid philos? Like a micans?
You technically can but I would say it’s a high risk of being scammed or buying a plant with money that might not become a plant

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