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My kalanchoe lost all the flowers and not blooming. What can I do to help it bloom again?
4” pot
Last watered 5 days ago
could be overwater, florist kalanchoes are very sensitive to wet soil, and your plant card says that the pot has no drainage. giving it a pot with good drainage would be really helpful for it!
ABSOLUTELY! You must have a pot w good drainage. Number one rule. Look closely at the leaves and notice this plant is a succulent and carrie’s some water in its leaves- you can even let it go a little dry. If you like a certain decorative container you feel you cannot live w/out, plant in plastic and put plastic pot and all into the β€œcache pot β€œ and quickly drain all water out of cache pot after watering. Wala- that takes care of that issue. Next: No. 2. Kalanchoe insists on deadheading: pinch out dead flower heads AS SOON AS YOU SEE THEM. If you leave dead flower heads on the plant they will follow their natural instinct and β€œgo to seed” once that happens.. usually the entire plant begins to die because it’s completely it’s life cycle. No. 3. I have found that it does not need THAT MUCH LIGHT. What do i mean by that. I have my plants on a balcony with outdoor light.. but no sun. sun would burn it. So 3 things to know: do not overwater and allow to drain; no direct sun but good light and you MUST DEADHEAD.. My advice to you (from someone who has killed her share of kalanchoes - they sell them in tiny little pots. Buy a tiny one for 2$. Try to follow good kal. practices. You will be amazed when months later they are still blooming. Then if you enjoy the deadheading process (which i doubt) buy a big one!! if this one has already gone to seed, i don’t know what to tell you!
I forgot to mention .. try a little fertilizer for flowering succulents
This is what it looks like. The plastic pot actually has drainage. I definitely did not do deadhead. Plant is alive just not flowering
At my too happened i dont know why!
Tysm for seeing this post answer they were hopeful!

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