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Help! They’re both squishy!
I watered them Wednesday! The soil’s dry! Why are they squishy!!!??? I tried watering!
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hey @ChaosPlains!

Your cacti is squishy from watering too often. cacti grow in a desert so they hold moisture like crazy. the most you will need to water is about once every 1-2 weeks.

Goodluck with your plant! keep us updated!

edit: if it’s been happening for a while, you may need to replant them
@philoboi @ChaosPlains You need to keep a steady watering rhythm with your cacti. Because you have them in a glazed clay pot, you must water less to avoid rot. I would avoid repotting as you have repotted your plants way too many times and I think it’s time to let them settle so they can thrive ✨🌵.

Don’t water for a couple of days. Wait a day or two and check if they’re squishy. If they still are, then give them a Sip of water, not a lot. Let me know if you have any other questions :)

Edit: the pebbles may be holding the moisture in, which may be causing your cacti to become squishy. I know you had this problem a month ago as well.
@kscape thank you! 😆
Your five plants are very entertaining. Lol. One day they are squishy, another day they have new growth and then a jar falls on one and kills it. Goodness.
@Pegster idek I think I imagined some of the new growth cuz now that it’s said out loud it makes no sense

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