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Moms Gardenias aren't Doing Well...SOS
Not sure whats going on with my moms gardenias. They are around 20 years old and have never looked this way before. She has two, and the other seems robust and happy. This one is yellowing with brown spots and tips...despite the fact that we have changed nothing! I've tried the 3 in 1 spray for about a month now (fungus, insect, mites) and I've been pruning the infected leaves as I see them until the past week or so. Could it be bacterial? Help 😡 #gardenia #help
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Maybe it needs fertilizer?
thank you! I will give it a shot! I've got some 10 10 10 and some sulphate of potash so, ill try the potash first and in a few weeks try the 10 10 10
@sXedge I read online that yellow leaves could be a magnesium deficiency. But, I would say to go ahead and use what you have and see what happens. πŸ™‚ My old gardenias are yellowing as well and I need to try some fertilizer.
@bexplants thats a great idea! Im wondering if I shouldn't cut them back this year to encourage new growth/give them time to focus on healing
@sXedge it wouldn’t hurt! Just wait until right after they are finished blooming. ☺️

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