Posted 1Y ago by @amyynkaa

Help me with my orchidea!
I got an orchidea from my mom’s office and i actually dont know anything about them. I got into watering her whenever app says to, but she doesnt seem to bloom.. Do you guys know how to achieve that?
3ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
orchids dont bloom very often (about once a year, maybe less) but yours looks very healthy! if the stem is still green then theres a chance that that same stem will bloom again, but if it begins to turn brown you should prune it as that one is now dead (common) it will just grow another stem and flower on that one. phals are one of the easier orchids but are still a bit harder to handle than most plants. theres a very large orchid community that can help you as well!! a simple beginners article

:) enjoy your orchid keeping!!
@buglover72 thank you so much!!