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This is the Sahara Sunrise Aloe Vera. Has anybody seen this plant? Have this plant? Know where I can buy this plant? #aloevera
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I NEED this! Give me a few minutes and I’ll see what I can do! πŸ˜‰
This place also gives info about this, it’s suppose to be easy??
@sarahsalith are you SEEING this??!! 😍
@PlantyPlanter very low reviews on Amazon but that other one was beautiful.
Wow! So pretty!!!
@planthoe40 that me know how it goes because if it’s a good place I’ll HAVE to get one!
@PlantyPlanter I read an article that said they were created to be outside plants. I'm wondering how it will do as an indoor houseplant. πŸ€”
@planthoe40 it should be fine! If they don’t need a controlled environment then being inside shouldn’t be too hard!
@planthoe40 do you think they would survive outside in your climate? You could plant a pup outside when it produces
@PlantyPlanter I wonder if it would survive here πŸ€”
Outside planting is not available to me. Apartment living. @PlantyPlanter
@planthoe40 are you gonna order one?
I will chime in here and say that I've had many aloe for many years and it's never bloomed. This plant would be beautiful without, but as an indoor plant you may not get those blooms or if you do they may be few and far between.

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