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I have no idea what to do with lithops I just got it’s summer so I’m not suppose to water them they evidently are in the middle of splitting despite it not being winter the seller like every seller I’ve experienced provides absolutely no information on how to do anything with them…what should I do their very gray there’s no green left anywhere on them I feel like their gonna die very soon. I don’t know why their split is so open either maybe they were planning on flowering soon? #SucculentSquad @Jana85
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@Lithopslover and ALWAYS refer to this chart to help you make watering decisions, until you get the hang of it. Also, Lithops like a lot of light but afternoon sun WILL burn them. I hope I didn’t overwhelm you and I’m not an expert by any means, but I just really want you to succeed because Lithops are the BEST. 💚
Lithops do best with 4-5 hours of sunlight in the AM and partial shade in the afternoon. They also don't need to be watered a lot, maybe 4-5 times a year. They do need water in the summer.
@Marthamaywho92 I can’t even pot them@the old leaves are so low on it so I just lay them out in the sun as is? When I repot I’m suppose to water but their taking water from their putter leaves and it’s summer both are reasons to not water them
@kscape don’t you have one of these? 🤔 I just remember thinking how cool it was that there’s a plant that looks like a rock 😂
@saatwood i do not but @Jana85 has amazing tips on them! Thank u for the tag ✨
@EvLikesPlants I know you love succs, any advice here🤔
I have one… and Greg gives me advices to water it. So Idk why you don’t want to water them.
@vvvelo check out you’ll see Jane Evans has given talks on lithops at national horticulture for succulent conventions
I’ve decided to just plant them and not water maybe their continue their winter cycle and reduce the outer leaves so I can remove them eventually here’s my train wreck of a repotting (I can’t fill it higher because I need to see when the outer leaves are ready to be pulled then I figure I’ll fill more soil and add a layer of top soil (assuming they don’t die come on double dragons live!!)
@Lithopslover let me try to help! Do plant them deep enough to cover the “green” because that part should be under the substrate. Lithops generally should be fairly deep. Do NOT pull off the old leaves—when they are dry as dust and thin as paper, only then can you remove them, but they should fall off at a touch by then. You can damage them otherwise. They are not splitting currently; some Lithops just have a wider or deeper little crevice between leaves. Nothing to worry about. After you repot (make sure they’re deep enough), try to place them where night temps are below 67 degrees and water them. In a week, do it again. You really need to wake up the roots and get it to establish new fine hair-like roots. Do NOT go pulling it up to look at the roots, as I see folks on Facebook doing. 😅 As long as nights are cooler than 67, you can water it every 3-4 weeks, but if it gets too warm, stop watering it until fall brings cooler weather. They can go months without water—don’t worry. At this stage, you really are trying to get it to grow fresh roots, so focus on that. Even a slightly wrinkly Lithops is not necessarily in distress.
@Lithopslover these are my Lithops splitting (should be in winter but sometimes they do what they want). You can clearly see the new leaves emerging. No matter how deep the crevice is between leaves, if they is not a hole forming where new leaves can come out, it’s not splitting. I don’t think yours are doing that currently. Either way, you’d need to water them a couple of times to establish roots.
@Marthamaywho92 I do love succs, but I have never added a lithop to my collection.
@Jana85 it has no green :(. I want to pot it deeper than it is (it’s barely staying down right now but if I go any higher I won’t see the outter leaves because their so low on the plant, should I just cover the old leaves with soil and assume they will just fall off when their underground?
@Jana85 I left the soil as is ( I’m hoping the outter leaves become paper and after I pull them off I’ll fill soil to the right height, today I took a little water spray bottle I have and drizzled water around them based off the plant (like 25 ml worth I’m guessing) hopefully enough for the roots to grow skme@hairs while it absorbs the old leaves
@Lithopslover sorry, it’s hard to tell from the photo exactly what they look like. I think there’s hardly any leaf left to worry about but you can cover it later. If you have them in 90% grit, you should be able to just water until water comes out the drain hole and not really measure it. You could also try filling up the pot just a tiny bit with pumice or something light like that, to help them stand up better if they aren’t, because it won’t hold much moisture. Lithops can be kinda tricky to figure out and I’m still learning myself, but I know you’ve got this!
@Jana85 only because your so incredibly kind with your time, do you think i could@just cover the outter leaves now and not bother with pulling them off?
I wouldn’t pull them because they look kinda greenish still (at least, not brown and crispy), but if they are struggling to stand, I think supporting them with a little pumice or something is probably ok at this point. It shouldn’t rot them because it’s pretty light and dry.

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