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Which soil should I do first?
Should I put the manure or peat moss first? Or does it not matter? #GregGang @sarahsalith #SolomonSealClub #OutdoorGrowing #OutsidePlants
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I agree with @grandmaBee - we mix in manure with the soil first and I hear that the stuff in the yellow bag is pretty good. We get our from the farmer. 😬 But he mixes it well with straw so it's not so bad. (:

I would use the peat if your ground is very hard or has a lot of clay. The peat moss will help keep the water near the plant.

If you have really good ground, you don't need it.
@kscape @RJG which one do I do first?
@grandmaBee do you know?
I never used peat moss in the garden I put manure in early early this spring as soon as their dirt was able to be worked and then watered it for several days prior to planting and hand tilled it in
@grandmaBee so do you think I should put the  manure in first?
@sarahsalith thanks you so much! I definitely need the peat moss!
@PlantyPlanter I'd LOVE to get my hands on a bag that big! I just have no where to put it at the moment. I guess I need another tub. (:
I'm going to try Pete next year I did straw that lightened it up a little bit gave me some air in my concrete soil LOL
Peat moss is basically for structure and water holding capacity, and manure is for nutrients!

Personally, I would put the manure first and put the peat moss on top!
Hmm I sent a picture of some information from my encyclopedia of organic gardening 1975 with some info but for some reason I can't post photos it says the amount to use depends on the physical condition of your soil if it's already open naturally you'll need to use less than in Sandy or clay soil one part p to two soil for every 3 in deep you dig work in 1-in layer of peat moss and then spread your manure with that at the same time until it together
@grandmaBee ok! Thanks! That was really nice of you to do some much research!
@sarahsalith I just got it at Lowes

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