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Please read bottom paragraph! I don’t wanna get in trouble, so please read it!

🪴Ok! Weekly plant ‘recap’! I wanted to start doing this in my social media, then I realized, “what better place to do a weekly plant recap than Greg!” So yeah! I’m gonna do this every Saturday!

🌱New Plant!!! I got a new #tigerjaws from mamaw, I named him RJ/Red Jasper

🌱Peridot got a few new leaves and her baby is getting bigger! #ZebraHaworthiopsis

🌱Ruby was repotted to her sloth pot which we added drainage to! #MoonCactus

🌱We lost Aventurine 😭 #Sempervivum

🌱Citrine is still trying his best to die from rot, but I’m not letting him. He’s still alive, just in the process of drying out. #PincushionCactus #Mammillaria

🌱Pyrite was repotted 3 times because he was sitting *on* the soil and not *in* it #Ferocactus

🪴Overall everyone is doing well as of right now.

If I’m breaking some kind of rule with this ‘recap’ (or whatever you wanna call it lol) then please tell me. If I’m not breaking any rules, then I’ll be doing this every Saturday! If this is allowed, feel free to let me know what’s been going on with your plants this week! #HappyPlants #NewGrowth #NewPotWhosThis #NewPlants #ChaoticPlainsUpdates
This is awesome! You should make a community tag for them so you can keep track #ChaoticPlainsUpdates or something!
Yes this is perfect!
Love the updates. It works as a nice journal and helps others see tracked growth for certain plants. Will follow for updates 🤗
@ChaosPlains love this idea. Soon we’ll be making your posts accessible from your profile, and you’ll be able to go back through these recaps for the memories too! I have a feeling that will be nice :)
PS rooting for Citrine 🙏💪😊🌱
Omg! I did not expect this! #ChaoticPlainsUpdates is now a thing tyasm I was honestly expecting to get in trouble!
Smart idea! I’m sorry for your Aventurine, I’m glad your plants are doing well over all! 💚👍🏼
I love the second one! Is that the zebra haworthiopsis?
@Kpow85 yup!
@ChaosPlains I told my husband I wanted one. He said “you have one right there” 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣
@ChaosPlains make sure to edit the post and add the community tag #ChaoticPlainsUpdates to the actual post. Then we'll be able to find it. Being in a comment isn't enough.
@Kpow85 omg…🤦‍♀️
Love this! 🥰
Absolutely love this idea! It’s a way to also all feel closer to eachother in the community. Seeing a weekly update on plants just makes us all feel a lot closer and I truly love the idea. Can’t wait to follow along your updates and I’m rooting for all your babies 🥰

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