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Brown spots on stock of moon cactus?

I’ve noticed some brown spotting on the stock of my cactus and I’m nervous I may have overwatered it. I watered it 1/2 cup, per Greg’s suggestion, in a 4 inch pot with cactus soil and drainage, two days ago and I’m wondering if it was too much? 😒 #MoonCactus
5ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
There is nothing as too much or too little water, but there is such thing as too much frequent watering or not water enough.

With cactus, you wanna give them a good thorough soak every week or so, since they hold the water in their plant.

I believe your cactus is confused about your watering routine.

I never listen to Greg’s measurements when it comes to anything. Plants need a full watering until it drains out to get the soil moist. This will allow your plant to drink as the potting mix slowly dries.

I only use Greg’s reminders as a way to check on my plants and watering. If they need water, I’ll water. If not, I’ll snooze.
@dreamlettuce Thank you! This was the first time it has been watered as it was just adopted the other day. Do you think the spots will go away?
@MeghanAshley I am unsure as it all depends on your environment as well. The soil looks relatively dry so I would just wait a few more days 😊
@dreamlettuce thank you 😊
@MeghanAshley of course! Anything else, don’t hesitate to tag! πŸ’š