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My aloe is not growing good roots
So the aloe is not staying in the pot dose anyone have any tip for the aloe ot grow bigger roots
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Your pot has drainage, I think the soil is holding too much moisture between waterings and it's not able to dry out well. Aloes like fast-draining, gritty soil.

The app reads your information from your plant card: it's in a small, terra-cotta pot. Because of that information, the app will prompt you to water more frequently.

I would keep your plant as it is and cut back on the watering. If you change the information on your plant card to reflect that it's in a 5" (?) glazed ceramic potοΏΌ, I believe that the app will prompt you to water less. Succulent soil is best for an aloe and the soil should be allowed to dry very well between waterings. Like bone dry. Really dry.

I keep mine in a four inch terra-cotta pot and I only water every 12 or 14 days.

Greg is prompting you to water every 15 days and that good. Just make sure that you stick your finger in the pot to feel the soil- it should be crunchy dry.

If the soil is still moist, hit "snooze" and the app will prompt you to check again in 3 days. You can hit "snooze" as many times as you need to- I have some plants I water once a month.
Honestly what I would do is get a bigger pot preferably one that has a drainage hole at the bottom so the roots can grow bigger because aloes our constantly growing it makes it hard to keep a pot πŸ˜†
Thank you I will try that
Thank you a lot will definitely do that I am new to this app and people have been very helpful thanks again
Also try planting a little deeper. I recently split my aloe plant from its pups & had to lean a pup against the wall to allow it to get its bearings & root. after you plant, lightly water & wait a week before giving it a full watering. then allow to dry out completely before watering again.
@sarahsalith does your app tell you to water your plants.
@GodlyZucchini yes. Usually, I just open the app to take a look, but I think I water plants every single day.

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