Posted 3w ago by @MyrskyCeleste

Do Epimediums have a dormancy period?

Or.... did I do something wrong?
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
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I read a little online about them- there are two varieties: Mediterranean and Asian.

The Mediterranean variety is more like an evergreen. But the more common Asian variety has a dormant period.

I have a few plans that go dormant. When they do, I always refrain from watering as usual. I cut the watering back about half the amount. The dormant plants don't need as much water.

If the leaves are indeed dead, I would cut them back.

How long have you had the plant? it could also be acclimating if you recently got it. 
I got her on April 16th of this year.
So if the leaves are dead, do I just remove all the leaves or cut her down to a certain length?

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